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Context Clues!. What are they? Why do we need them? How can we use them?. Thinking skills- Inference…. A. Inference Why and How?. P+. P. Comprehension Who and What?. How do I know that there is an emergency?. What does each picture tell me? Place, feeling, weather?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Context Clues!

Context Clues!What are they? Why do we need them? How can we use them?Thinking skills- InferencePP+AComprehension Who and What? Inference Why and How?How do I know that there is an emergency?

What does each picture tell me? Place, feeling, weather?

Use Context Clues to Answer the following Where am I? My peach colored feet were burning, the sand between my toes felt like an oven roasting them. The breeze was gentle, but it did little as the blistering sun beamed on my forehead. I looked out into the horizon, and saw nothing but young kids playing and boats sailing. The waves were curling and crashing as the water roared over anything around me. With no school for the next several months, I knew I finally arrived. I dropped my bags, ripped off my shirt, and ran into the cool water. More Context CluesWhat will happen next? The horse was riding out of control, and I began to bounce up and down off my saddle with little control. My grip was loosening on the tassel, my forearm had nothing left. I yelled, Whooo, Stop, Heal! but Old Buck did not listen. Its as if he young buck once more. I now felt more like a cowboy at a rodeo riding a bull, rather than a taking a calm stroll through the woods. Shockingly, my looked at my hands and noticed they were both free. I must have let go of tassel. I bounced one more time, only to see Old Buck in front of me, and nothing below.Context Clues & Their UsesCharacter feelsSetting (Location)Author feelsAuthors Message (theme)Predicting eventsDefining words.

What happens when we dont know what a word means? We must read around the word, and pick up on any clues within the text. Con means within text any subject, topic, or writingLets try a few together Winning the lottery gives me a benevolent amount of money to do anything I want. Even though she was young, and he was much older, this alphamegamia was still a day to celebrate holy matrimony. In some poor countries, people are nelipots because they cant afford shoes, making it very dangerous to walk each day.