PowerShell Saturday #009 (Singapore) - Azure + PowerShell

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Presented in PowerShell Saturday #009 and 4th PowerShell Saturday in Singapore. This session is about Microsoft Azure and how you can use PowerShell to gradually help manage your services in Azure.



2. Who is this guy? Milton Goh Developer / Systems Engineer at Dimension Data Microsoft Community Contributor (MCC TechNet) Geek who loves meddling with technology Especially Power. Shell. Runs a blog that share a little about everything I do at www.miltongoh.com Tweet at @miltongoh 3. Before Cloud 4. Introducing Cloud 5. The CLOUD terms IaaS / PaaS / SaaS 6. Types of CLOUD 7. What is Azure? Comprehensive set of services that enable you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. 8. Azure Services at a glance 9. Managing Azure You can manage Microsoft Azure via the following: REST APIs Command Line Tools Windows (PowerShell) Linux (Bash) Mac (Bash) 10. PowerShell What can be manage? By using PowerShell, you can manage the following: Affinity Groups Certificates Cloud Services Subscriptions Storage Accounts Service Bus SQL Databases Virtual Networks Virtual Machines Web Sites 11. PowerShell What can be done? Query, Manage and Configure Virtual Machines across multiple subscriptions, cloud services and storage accounts. Manage SQL Databases, Configuration, Diagnostics, Deployments, and Azure assets (Affinity Groups, Storage Accounts, Keys, etc..) 12. Getting Started with Azure Subscription Credentials in PowerShell 1) Download the Microsoft Azure PowerShell Management Tools via http://mspro.sg/AzurePowerShellMgmtTools (Direct Link) or http://mspro.sg/AzureDownload 13. Getting Started with Azure Subsciption Credentials in PowerShell 2) Set execution policy on your local computer 3) Import Azure PowerShell Script Module Import-Module Azure.psd1 Alternatively, you may want to launch the Windows Azure PowerShell instead of the normal Windows PowerShell in order to skip this step. 14. Getting Started with Azure Subsciption Credentials in PowerShell 4) Download Azure Publisher Settings File Get-AzurePublishSettingsFile ** Note ** This command will launch your browser and direct you to the Microsoft Azure Portal to sign in (if you are not signed in) to download the certificate. Example of the downloaded file: 15. Getting Started with Azure Subsciption Credentials in PowerShell 5) Import the downloaded publishSettings file using the following command. Import-AzurePublishSettingsFile ** Note ** You may also change the subscription accordingly. 16. Azure Web Sites + PowerShell 1) Create new Azure Web Site New-AzureWebsite Name Name of Website Location Southeast Asia 2) Create new Azure Service New-AzureService ServiceName Name of Service Label MyTestService Location Southeast Asia 17. Azure Virtual Machine + PowerShell 1) First Virtual Machine in a NEW Cloud Service (-Location specified) New-AzureQuickVM -Windows -ServiceName ServiceName -Name TestVM -ImageName Name of Image -Location Southeast Asia -Password youshouldnotknow 2) New Virtual Machine in an Existing Cloud Service (no Location) New-AzureQuickVM -Windows -ServiceName ServiceName -Name TestVM -ImageName Name of Image -Password youshouldnotknow 3) Creating a Linux Virtual Machine in an Existing Cloud Service New-AzureQuickVM -Linux -ServiceName ServiceName -Name TestVM -ImageName Name of Image -LinuxUser admin -Password youshouldnotknow 18. Azure Virtual Machine + PowerShell 1) Retrieve Cloud Services Get-AzureService 2) Retrieve Virtual Machines for Service Get-AzureVM -ServiceName Cloud Service Name 3) Retrieve Status for All VMs in Subsription Get-AzureService | foreach { $_ | Get-AzureVM | ft ServiceName, Name, InstanceStatus } 19. Stop all this boring stuffs 20. The Mini Challenge 21. Milton, the development team needs 10 virtual machines by end of day. But Its 15 minutes to knock-off time and I have an appointment. 22. Hmmm. I can definitely do it! 23. With PowerShell vs Without PowerShell 24. Script: Simple way to create multiple VM 25. Are you CONVINCE? 26. To get you started with PowerShell on Azure Hit http://mspro.sg/azurescriptcenter Now! 27. New-Question Target Audience Get-Answer Thank you for listening to my ranting Brought to you by Singapore PowerShell User Group Do you know about PowerShell Breakfast / PoSHBreakfast? Check out www.poshbreakfast.com NOW!


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