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  • 1. Branch Login Chit Fund Software

2. Here in Branch Login, first we will learn to create or Enroll subscriber. Here we have many fields to enter like Name, address, DOB,DOJ, City and so on. Enroll Subscriber 3. Enroll Subscriber 4. Here we will learn how to add a subscriber in a (Chit Group) First we need to select a Chit Group, then select the subscriber to be joined in the group. Add Subscriber to Chit Group 5. Add Subscriber to Chit 6. Here we will learn about the (Subscriber Payment), Entry of Subscriber Payment, select the group and the subscriber name. Subscriber Payment 7. Here we will learn how to make (Auction Entry) First select a Chit Group, then enter the prized subscriber amount. Auction Entry 8. Auction Entry 9. Here we will learn about the payment made for Prized Subscriber. Select the Chit Group and then the Auction No. Enter the cheque details. Prized Subscriber Payment 10. Prized Subscriber Payment