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  • Branch Login Chit Fund Software
  • Here in Branch Login, first we will learn to create or Enroll subscriber. Here we have many fields to enter like Name, address, DOB,DOJ, City and so on. Enroll Subscriber
  • Enroll Subscriber
  • Here we will learn how to add a subscriber in a (Chit Group) First we need to select a Chit Group, then select the subscriber to be joined in the group. Add Subscriber to Chit Group
  • Add Subscriber to Chit
  • Here we will learn about the (Subscriber Payment), Entry of Subscriber Payment, select the group and the subscriber name. Subscriber Payment
  • Here we will learn how to make (Auction Entry) First select a Chit Group, then enter the prized subscriber amount. Auction Entry
  • Auction Entry
  • Here we will learn about the payment made for Prized Subscriber. Select the Chit Group and then the Auction No. Enter the cheque details. Prized Subscriber Payment
  • Prized Subscriber Payment