Next-gen Web technologies for next-gen business applications, Eric Descargues, DocDoku

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After a long time of sleepiness, standard web technologies, those available on the browser and their supporting protocols, seem to evolve now constantly. Just imagine the progress made: we can now play video and audio tracks, display 3D scenes, draw on canvas, execute code outside of the UI thread, persist data and write files locally and even control the webcam. On the server side also the pace of evolution is high, we have jumped into the world of big data, massively parallel processing and real-time web. So the question is what to do with all that stuff? What kind of next-gen business applications can we create with those next-gen technologies? That is the question we will try to answer during this session by exploring the DocDokuPLM project that is an open source PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software. We will explain how we developed the most interesting features and the innovation we want to bring to our customers. Thus, the presentation will approach both technical aspects and business cases.

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  • 1. DocDokuPLM Eric Descargues, DocDoku Next-gen web technologies for next-gen business applications Twitter #ow2con
  • 2. With HTML5 the future is landing Twitter #ow2con
  • 3. Imagination meets implementation Twitter #ow2con
  • 4. What to do with all that stuff? Twitter #ow2con
  • 5. These technologies are game changers! Finally no software category can resist the web Live monitoring Real-time applications 3D design Hence, these applications can at last benefit from the strengths of the web Mashup Openness Twitter #ow2con
  • 6. Let's have a look at DocDokuPLM Product Lifecycle Management: manage/share data around product Simple metaphor: GitHub for manufactured products Open Source (GPL3, OW2) OWF Demo Cup 2012 winner Twitter #ow2con
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