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MTN Mobile Money vs Tigo Cash [Customer Journey,Distribution,In novation and Charges Commercial Solutions Manager Edel IT Consulting BarCamp Africa UK Founder Start-up Weekend Accra Coach/Judge Why am I here ? 1 EthelCofie.com @MissEDCofie

MTN Mobile Money vs.Tigo Cash

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A comparison on customer journey, Charges, Distribution and Innovation(Value Adds ) for MTN Mobile Money vs Tigo Cash

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  • 1.Why am I here ? Commercial Solutions ManagerEdel IT Consulting BarCamp Africa UK FounderStart-up Weekend Accra Coach/JudgeMTN Mobile Money vs Tigo Cash [Customer Journey,Distribution,Innovatio n and [email protected] 1

2. MTN Mobile Money vs. Tigo Cash02/12/20132 3. Customer Journey02/12/20133 4. MTN Mobile Money02/12/20134 5. TIGO Cash02/12/20135 6. Charges02/12/20136 7. MTN Mobile Money Transaction Limit Charges (GH) (GH) 1-50 2.5%Transaction PointServicesAt Agent ShopMoney Transfer(C2C Money Transfer from Merchant to Non Mobile More than 50 User) Cash In Cash OutOn your MobileMoney Transfer (P2P Transfer Money to a Mobile Money Wallet)Minimum of GHC 1 1-50 Above 50 1-50 More than 505%Free 0.5% 1% 0.5 1%Money Transfer (A2C 1-50 Transfer Money to a Non More than 50 Mobile User) Airtime Top-up 1-100 Bill Payment-ECG,Ghana N/A Water02/12/2013Free 0.50pBill Payment-DStv Account Mgt1.5% 3%N/AFreeBalance EnquiryN/AFreeMini StatementN/A0.01p7 8. Tigo Cash02/12/20138 9. Innovation02/12/20139 10. MTN Mobile Money vs Tigo Cash Value AddMTN Mobile Money Tigo CashReceive Money from outside Ghana Top Up Airtime for that operator Mobile Insurance ATM Cash Out Service*Fidelity BankLending Services Savings ServicesPay Utilities(DSTv,ECG) 02/12/201310 11. Conclusion The on-boarding journey for Tigo is based on efficiency and getting you out and doing transactions ,whilst the MTN is based on security and ensuring that they have alternative contacts for you .Frankly I am not sure which is the better option . Expediency vs Security ? In terms of Charges It looks like for lower remittances( less 100 GHS) MTN is a better payment platform to use and for higher amounts( greater than 100 GHS ) its best to use Tigo The Data mined from websites seem to show that there is more value add with MTN money with ATM Cash out and Lending service etc. I believe on Distribution MTN Money is at par with Tigo cash as not having a lot of Agents is balanced out by having ATM cash out facilities *Data collected from in store visits, websites and press releases.02/12/201311