Mobile Web App & Google Apps Script

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A live example that show the power of: jQueryMobile, Google sheets, Apps script all for the price of one.

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  • 1.Mobile Web Apps & App Script 9/9/2013 Google Developers Live Israel Weekly show every WED at 14:00 Israel time

2. Ido Green Developer Advocate Google 3. Agenda Mobile Web App(s) Server Side - Google App Script Google Map API v3.0 Q&A 4. The Mobile Web Mobile Web App Stack - http: // Design Development Debug Tips http://www.oreillynet. com/pub/e/2624 Built on top of jQueryMobile - Why? HTML5 based UI On top of jQuery/UI Save you/us A LOT of work. 5. The Server Side Easy CMS Ease of use Share Control APIs The power of com/apps-script/ 6. Google Map API V3.0 Version 3 is faster and more applicable to mobile devices. Lots of examples Simple Waze web API 7. Q & A Thank you!