Mobile Journalism Must Haves

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DESCRIPTION This was a presentation given at the 2013 National Association of Black Journalists Conference in Orlando, Florida.


<ul><li>1.Mobile Journalists Making News </li></ul> <p>2. WhatYoull Learn How Mobile Devices are Changing Newsgathering Apps Equipment Demonstrations Prizes 3. About the Presenters @ProfAlliRich - Allissa Richardson: Award-winning journalist Mobile Journalism Trainer, Professor @chipdizard:Technologist; FCPX and Adobe Certied trainer;Teacher @Amani Channel: Award-winning video producer; Reporter; PR pro; Professor 4. Smartphone Reporting Start with Steve Gareld Clip - 2008 Nokia N95 Jeremy Jojola Clip - Neal Augenstein Clip Fox WTTG clip 5. Question: Why use your smartphone for news gathering? BecauseYOU can! 6. iPhone Reporting Case Study July 20, 2013 - Trayvon Martin Rally Produced iPhone news story Shot interviews, voiced, edited (iMovie) app 7. Amanis story on Travon Martin 8. New Media in the News 2007Virginia Tech shooting - iReport 2008 Steve Gareld Scoops CNN 2009 Hudson River plane crash - Twitpic 2009 KOB reporter iPhone live shot 2010 WTOP radio reporter goes iPhone 2011 WTTG UStream for live reports 9. Before you Go Mobile Know your technical needs Know the apps Understand multimedia storytelling Know the workow Practice 10. Apps for iPhone/iPad FiLMICPRO - Camera Enhancement Voddio/Pinnacle - Editing (Professional) iMovie - Editing (Basic) Qik - Livestream UStream - Livestream Capture -YouTube 11. Android Apps Video Challenged Android Pro &amp;Video Maker (Basic Edits) Bambuser (Live Streaming) 12. Gear Up Tripod Adapter (The Glif - Amazon Universal Adapter) Audio/Mic Adapter (VeriCorder/KVConnection) Tripod/Stability Mounts (Phocus/ThePadcaster/Makayama) Microphones (Mini Mic/SmartLav/iRig/Pro Mics Lights 13. Allissas Equipment Demo 14. Chips MobileVideo Editing Demo iMovie Pinnacle 15. Summary Smartphones should be used for news gathering Think outside the box Leverage technology Experiment 16. Final Tips Capture video in airplane mode Media can be edited with NLE software Content can trump quality (exclusive) Consult with management 17. ThankYou! Allissa Richardson 1(800) 424-4248 Amani Channel (404) 213-2121 Chip Dizard (410) 207-3090 </p>