Measuring Social Media Sucess

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Presentation to the Sonoma County NP and Government Social Media group

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  • 1. Measuring Success in Social MediaPresented by John

2.;theparadigmshifter;Dia 3. Email + Website Still #1 Effective, engaging website Websites dont raise money multi-channel campaigns do 4. Coordinated Approach 5. ToolboxMonthly ReportCulture of Content GenerationEditorial CalendarFlickrphoto:See-mingLee 6. Content PlanNot just what should we talk about?What will bring our story to life?What will support our objectives? 7. Right Content - Right ChannelEmailBest-of Web Content, AnnouncementsSingle Subject - Alert, CampaignConversational, Friendly, OpinionsENewsletter 8. Tidbits, Facts, Links are KingProfessional Related ContentOverview, Subject/Program, TestimonialsRight Content - Right Channel 9. What are our challenges with Monthly Reporting?With Content Creation/Curation?Reflection 10. Tracking website, email + social media metrics 11. The Right MetricsWebsite 12. EmailThe Right Metrics 13. The Right Metrics 14. The Right Metrics 15. Metrics:Return on EffortTraffic, Social HubContent Quality/RelevanceShare of VoiceCommunity Size/EngagementSentiment 16. Metrics: Referral TrafficSource: Social Media ExaminerReferral Traffic, AddThisNote, Set GoalsTwitter: search Twitter and 17. Metrics: New GA Social Hub 18. Metrics: Quality & RelevanceSource: Social Media ExaminerNot comments, retweets (vanity metrics)What CONTENT resonates?Page Views, Time on Page trends 19. Metrics: Share of VoiceSource: Social Media ExaminerConversations: Mentions by ChannelYour Mentions Mentions of Top CompetitorsSocialMention, Radian6 20. Metrics: Community Size/EngagementSource: Social Media ExaminerSocial CRMMentions, Engagement, SizeInfluencer Recommendations 21. Metrics: SentimentSource: Social Media ExaminerImperfect Opinion MiningTag mentions: Positive/Negative/NeutralAdd Totals, Measure Over Time 22. Your Own Metrics are More ImportantInteresting to CompareNo True Industry-Wide Benchmark 23. CycleImage:marketwire 24. How do we track metrics?How might we do it differently moving forward?Reflection 25. Question & DiscussionIdeas for ExperimentsYour 26. Thank You!All Images: Flickr - Creative Commons License