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<p> 1. Diana Zamora9C#29 <br />User Manual for Slide Share<br /></p> <ul><li>Step 1: Enter to the webpage 2. Step 2: Select the option Upload 3. Step 3: Click on the button Browse and select files... and choose the document that you want to upload. 4. Step 4:A green line will appear meaning that your document is uploading. 5. Step 5: When the green line is complete, click on the button Publish, the one that is beside the button of Delete. 6. Step 6: A message will appear telling you that your slideshow is being converted. Wait a moment and then click on the link here. 7. Step 7: The icon of your slideshow will appear and youll have to double click on it. 8. Step 8: After that, copy the embed code and paste it on a new post for your blog. Be sure that Edit Html is chosen and to add a title. 9. Step 9: Click on the button save now and then click on publish. </li></ul>