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RuralWeb uses Wikiversity to create, share and improve information. It is not only book knowledge, but also about experiences, that are useful for communities worldwide. We now focus on entrepreneurship, start-up finance, ICT-education and soon on agriculture. Come and learn & Share your experiences too!


  • 1.Wikiversity Manual All RuralWebs content + interesting links to e-tools, news-updates will be published here. All RuralWebs content + learning circles action plans will be published here.

2. WHY? If you would like to add information to Wikipedia, you really need to be an expert on the topic. What makes Wikiversity different, is that everyone can join, add information and ask questions. 3. Guilds / Learning Circles Whats more, Wikiversity is divided in guilds (or learning circles) where experts and everyone who wants to learn can form a team. They work together on a specific topic and learn from each other. (you may join more guilds of course) Ideally, a team really gets to know each other well, so that people get actually engaged. Learning Circles could be about Making beautiful websites or Social Business, or smaller components of the subject: e.g. Start-up finance. 4. Log in1) 2) Log in OR make an account 5. RuralWeb at Wikiversity Search: RuralWeb Or go to: find: 6. Learning Circles at Wikiversity Search: RuralWeb/learning projects Or go to: at a subject of your interest and: Learn Add / Improve Share your own experiences! How? Continue this manual. 7. Action plans at Wikiversity Search: RuralWeb/learning projects Or go to: at a subject of your interest and: Action Plan Whose involved? Who you may contact to join Add your questions. How? Continue this manual. 8. How to add information? What kind of information should I add? Add or improve the information (book knowledge ; good links or explainer pictures) Share your own experiences! Because that is what makes RuralWeb unique the content is valuable for communities worldwide by sharing experiences that matter to your own local context, and that might be valuable for someone else too! 9. How to add information? 1) Choose: Edit (above each chapter OR right upper corner to change entire page) 2) Now you can add text 3) To check what youve done press Show Preview (below) 4) Save the changes with Safe page (below) 10. How to add information? What short cuts do you need to know? * = bullet Use the buttons to write in bold; include a table or a link Heading level 2 = making a new chapter 11. How to add pictures? 1) First of all you need the legal permission to use the picture! 2) Go to Wikimedia Commons: (same login as Wikiversity) 3) Upload picture: 4) Copy the file name of the picture 5) Go back to Wikiversity 6) Click button Insert Picture Galary 7) Remove example and past the file name of your picture 8) Use sice: [[file name|600px|border]] 12. How to add a page? 1) You may not use a page name which is a common name that many other can use for other subjects: e.g. a page called partners. When you want to tell some about RuralWebs partners, we must to customize the name to RuralWeb. So you must create a name for the page that is unique, like: Ruralweb/partners 2) When you write: [[Ruralweb/partners|partners]] you created a new page called Partners. 3) Want to rename a page? Click Move (above) and you can create a different nameDesign of a page: Title Whats How Issue log = action plan Index - in alphabetic order 13. How to add a movie? 14. Links 15. Made by RuralWeb Inemarie Dekker, the Netherlands you have comments, or anything that should really be in the manual too?! Please share & let us know. RuralWeb is meant to be a co-creation from all that we know together. Or can you do a better job when it comes to design? You might help us to make our videos, manuals and slide share look more nice!