Loan & Lease Mgmt. Software Testing Case Study

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  • Loan & Lease Mgmt. Software Testing Case Study


    Our client is known all over the United States as one of the fastest growing companies in the

    loan and lease management business. For automating their organizational structure we tested

    comprehensive software solutions that were browser based. The software solutions had

    different modules for complete automation of the operational structure. There were many

    challenges when it comes to providing support for the lease management system contracts

    and also the assets.

    Any kind of transactions that took place between the brokers, the

    vendors as well as the source of funds in the financial or equipment

    leasing process were streamlined completely. Comprehensive testing

    was done both front-end as well as back-end and only the required

    information was provided to the users in an effective manner.


    Comprehensive tests run end to end to ensure complete integration of the software solution

    with the loan and lease management as well as the loan origin system.

    The turnaround time is quick for any feedback on the integration of new services as well as

    changes to be made to the organizational structure.

    When it comes to front end testing the solutions include testing facility for the application,

    the origin of the loan, and management of credit as well as extension to the back office.

    The software solutions are fine tuned for complete flexibility when it comes to running operations

    smoothly. The operational structure would be sound and easily allow faster as well as secure

    and easy transactions.

    Domain expertise: Extensive expertise in domain management with professionals specifically

    trained in loan management and with previous experience of working on loan management

    softwares such as Corecard and Nortridge Loan Management system etc.

    Best Practice Testing tools and processes: The testing experience is extensive and some of the

    best tools for testing as well as practice processes are made use of.

    Flexible, comprehensive, end-to-end Testing capabilities: There is a host of testing options that include

    consulting, functional testing, test automation, management as well as specialized services such as

    simulation modeling and testing performance.

  • We have extensive experience in testing Banking and Finance solutions including web and mobile solutions. We offer independent testing services including functional testing, usability testing, test automation, performance testing, API testing and more.

    WeWe have produced for our esteemed clientele by optimizing QA processes and reducing post production defects by 35%. Reduced test failures due to unavailable test data by 50% and 15% overall project savings in case of downtime or discrepancies.

    We become their extended testing arm and a Trusted Partner in your success. We ensure that their products are released into markets with high quality.

    OurOur brand strength is reflected in the Clientele we have worked with and continue to work with. We have a great track record of helping our clients successfully deliver high quality solutions on time. 3

    Software Assurance, LLC7708 Mapleridge Drive,Plano, Texas 75024, United StatesPhone: +1-972-992-4200

    SPA Systems Pvt. Ltd.Offshore Development Center1st Floor, Mahalaxmi Plaza, Sector 3,Vaishali, Ghaziabad 201010

    There was a reduction in the operational risks by 99% overall and the performance improve-ment was measured at 67%. In addition to this the compliances were streamlined and the ex-penses were brought under control as well as the transactions were secured by elimination of any defects or bugs.

    We increased the coverage of test cases by 30% and reduced the customer found defects by 5%. We even reduced the document overhead costs as well as optimization by 20% along with a lesser time to market.

    We increased the coverage of test cases by 30% and reduced the customer found defects by 5%. We even reduced the document overhead costs as well as optimization by 20% along with a lesser time to market.


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