LeanKit Webinar: Managing Complex Workflows

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Text of LeanKit Webinar: Managing Complex Workflows

  • Managing Complex Workflows

  • Physical Boards & Sticky Notes

  • So what?

  • Impact ?


    Unnecessary Delays & Rework

    Projects, Programs & Company Goals at Risk

  • Real-world Scenario

    Company: XYZ Corp

    Outdated financial system Direct revenue


    New financial system is prioritized by CEO as

    strategic initiative

  • Portfolio Project Team


    Reliable, accurate status updates

    Confidence in project progress

    No surprises

  • Portfolio Project Team


    Proactive notice of obstacles

    Cross-team visibility Self-serve status Communicating up

    and out

  • Portfolio Project Team


    Impact on big picture Interdependence with

    other teams work

    Information flow between teams

  • Team A Team B

    Executive Portfolio

    Program 1 Program 2

    LeanKit Connections

    Multi-tiered work decomposition.

    Automatic status rollup from tier to tier.

  • Connections: Card Face

  • Connections: Card Face

  • Connections: Inside Card

  • Connections: Team Dependencies

    Alpha Dev Team OPs & Infrastructure Procurement

  • Portfolio level: How it helps

    Real-time visibility Accurate updates on progress Instant identification of at-risk initiatives Appropriate prioritization

  • Project level: How it helps

    Proactively head-off challenges Communicate up and out See all work associated with initiative

  • Team level: How it helps

    Impact on high-level initiative Interdependence with other teams Flag conflicting priorities Handoff management

  • Learn More

    Multi-team Work Distribution



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