Lean Game Development

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Talk for Lean Startup Meet Up Boston given in January 2013.

Text of Lean Game Development

  • 1.Lean Game DevelopmentSeth Sivak

2. DISCLAIMER 3. What is this talk about? 4. GameDesign! 5. GameDevelopment 6. What makes games different? 7. Game Development is hardArt + GraphicsSound + MusicStoryGameplaySocial ConnectivityReplayabilityControlsHardware + PlatformTeam + Schedule + Budget 8. There are a lot of moving parts 9. And it has to be fun!30 Seconds of FunInteresting Choices 10. How do wehandle the creative process? 11. Hypothesis DesignBuildTest Analyze Iterate 12. Twitter LogoHypothesis This bird will make a good logoDesign and Build Test Do you like it? No.Analyze She didnt like it.Iterate Try again 13. I dont like this one. I like this one. 14. Less cartoony, more professional Head back as if ready toCleaner lines, Simpler sing 15. Develop Creative Analysis SkillsDid we achieve the desired outcome?What caused the final outcome?What causes the desired outcomein other products?How can the desired outcome bereached in our product? 16. How do webuild a game? 17. Lean Game DevelopmentConceptDesignProductionLaunchLive Operation 18. Metrics vs. Creativity 19. ConceptKnow the Market & TeamMarket ResearchCompetitive AnalysisTeam Interest 20. Travel and Explore Quest and Story 21. DesignFind the Fun 22. Bush MazesNavigate the maze using theleast energy possible 23. Metal Detector MinesweeperUse the Metal Detector to save Energy 24. Memory PuzzleHit the switch to see the pattern 3412Light them in order to get the Treasure 25. Swipe words to clear thembefore time runs out 26. PLAYTEST 27. ProductionBuild the ProductClassicImprovedInnovative 28. ProductionBuild the Product ClassicInnovativeImproved Innovative ClassicClassicImproved InnovativeImproved 29. Classic 30. Improved 31. Innovative 32. Classic 33. Improved 34. Innovative 35. Innovation requires iteration 36. PLAYTEST 37. Launch Test and OptimizePrice TestingProgressionPerformanceBalanceFTUEVirality 38. Prepare for LaunchPredict possible problems, have solutions readyUnderstand your metrics, formulate rangesModel potential outcomesDetermine leading indicatorsPractice, Practice, Practice 39. Launch is a WaveAlphaBetaSoft LaunchPublic LaunchCross PromotionMarketing 40. Live OperationUnderstand your Audience 41. Product Management CycleFeatureWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Feature 1SpecManageAnalyzeFeature 2SpecManageAnalyzeFeature 3SpecManageAnalyzeHypothesisDesignManage TestAnalyze 42. Hypothesis DesignBuildTest Analyze Iterate 43. Lean Game DevelopmentConcept Know the Market and TeamDesign Find the FunProduction Build the ProductLaunch Test and OptimizeLive Operation Understand your Audience 44. TakeawaysDevelop Creative Analysis SkillsFind the FunPlaytestPrioritizeProve it 45. Questions?Seth@Proletariat.com@sjsivakhttp://bit.ly/sivakGDC2012 46. Iteration times were long. 1985 1986 47. And they became longer 1986 1988 48. And budgets increased 49. It was hard to reach customers 50. Along comes Games as a Service 51. And it was a short sales cycle$120,000,000$100,000,000 $80,000,000 $60,000,000 Avatar $40,000,000 Borderlands 2 $20,000,000 $0 1 3 5 7 9 Weeks After Release 52. And longer19881991