Law Enforcement - Overview

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A brief overview of how our tools benefit the Law Enforcement community.

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  • 1. The Art of WhereThe Art of Where

2. The Art of WhereFor our CustomersTimely access to critical intelligencecan save lives, improve missionplanning, and significantly reduceoperational costs. 3. The Art of WhereThe Challenge? Quickly convertinghundreds of thousands oflines of location data fromGPS devices, call details,pings, financial, social,etc., into. 4. The Art of Whereinto Actionable Intelligence Pattern of LifeThe ItineraryA color coded-codedvisual representationof 51 days of GPStracking data (80,000fixes) in less than 2minutes! 5. The Art of WhereCall Detail AnalysisView telephone events andtheir details on the map.Interrogate the details byspecific time, or by specifictowers. 6. The Art of WhereCompare EntitiesShow different data for thesame target on the same map.Add other suspects to view howmultiple targets with multipledata-sets interact.Tracker data, call-details, and Twitterdata for the same target over a 3 hourperiod. 7. The Art of WhereMissed Opportunities?Because of the effort and lag,analysis often focuses onrecent locations; leavingvaluable intelligence lockedinside the data. 8. The Art of WhereManually identifying networks, meetings, locations of interest,potential dead-drops, and other organized crime activitythrough multiple tracks is almost impossible. 9. The Art of WhereMulti-Target AnalysisMulti-Target Analysisshows interactionsof targets at sharedlocations. It can alsoidentify potentialdead-drop locations. 10. The Art of WhereMissed Opportunities?If you were able to predicttarget whereabouts based oncollected data could yourPolice Department optimizemission planning? 11. The Art of WherePredictionsOur Predictions modulesummarizes a targets Pattern-of-Life to provide an investigatorwith the ability to plan missions(battery calculations,installations, apprehension) andcoordinate surveillance teamactivity for maximum efficacy. 12. The Art of WhereG2 Research Key Benefits Force Multiplier Faster Access to Intelligence Increased Value of Surveillance Investment Increased Safety for Agents in the FieldWe enable Efficiency and Effectiveness 13. The Art of WherePOWERED BYFor more information pleasereach out to us!sales@g2-research.com1 (888)