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Slides from the 2013 International Conference of Crisis Mappers in Nairobi, Kenya. Learn more at crisismappers.net

Text of ICCM 2013 Westgate Panel Slides

  • 1. #Westgate: A Reflection @CrisisMappers#ICCM

2. #WeAreOne 3. #Westgate Tweets: A Detailed Study in Information Forensics By QCRI: Brittany Card, Jus MacKinnon, Patrick MeierAvailable at iRevolution.net 4. Who Authored the Most Tweets? 5. Eyewitness Tweets Over Time? 6. Terms Used to Label Attackers? 7. Who Were the Tweets Directed @? 8. What Content Did Tweets Contain? 9. Philip Ogola @philipogola 10. SOCIAL MEDIA IN EMERGENCIES Philip Ogola ICT Officer Social Media Email: ogola.philip@kenyaredcross.org Twitter: @PhilipOgola Skype: PhilipOgola Cell: +254722910810 www.kenyaredcross.org 11. Social Media Analysis 12. The exponential growth of social media, from blogs, Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and YouTube, offers Kenya Red Cross the chance to join a conversation with millions around the globe every day.Kenya Red Cross Social media channels offer a quick solution for uploading visual information to the Internet real time from the scene of the incidents and linked to KRCS website and blog. 13. Kenya Red Cross twitter handle was verified by Twitter during West Gate Attack and saw a spike of about 25,000 FollowersPage grew by 7,000 likes during West Gate Attack 14. #iVolunteer Kenya Red Cross social media has hugely been boosted with the unveiling of the #iVolunteer, who are Virtual Volunteers on social media, can report emergency real time thereby increasing response time. Facebook and Twitter have become a must use tool during emergencies, allowing #Ivolunteers to alert Kenya Red Cross realtime. When emergency inevitably arises we now connect communities and share life saving safety and preparedness information thanks to our #iVolunteer. . 15. SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORINGDIGITAL COMMAND CENTRE EMERGENCY OPERATION CENTRERESPONSE TEAMS & AMBULANCEMonitoring user activities and postings to AMBULANCE DISPATCHER establish situational awareness 16. EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT TOOLWEST GATE MALL ATTACK Social Media as an Emergency Management tool. Global Audience Reach of 56, 658,070 on twitter 17. RESOURCE MOBILISATIONvictim requests for assistance during disasters WEST GATE BLOOD APPEALReceive victim requests for assistance during disastersDONATIONS 18. Communication Tool Kenya Red Cross uses social media to disseminate information and receive user feedback real time News People post news topics as they happen. Real time information; 19. CASE STUDYRequests for Assistance #WeAreOne Kenya West Gate Mall initiative raised over Sh102 million, in a week the Second biggest such effort ever mounted in Kenya was heavily hinged on social media 20. TRUSTED MEDIA SOURCE Kenya Red Cross Social Media feed is now reference point for disaster information by media both international and local, 21. SMS IN EMERGENCYKenya Red Cross uses SMS/text messages on mobile phones or the internet to issue emergency alerts to Public on dangerous situations or send Advocacy information eg, Chagua Amani Peace Campaign and Measles, Health Campaign Through the SMS platform KRCS receive data on health conditions in communities and reports of disaster damage ahead of 2013 elections 22. #WestGate Kenya Red cross was the third to the break the news on twitter as verification had to be conducted. Global Audience Reach an audience of 56,658,070 on twitter Kenya Red Cross was the Top referred source on twitter with CNN, Aljazeera, BBC, Among other new agencies contacting KRCS on twitter to use photos and credit British Red Cross and Federation also send compliments on twitterKenya Red Cross Reached an audience of 8, 656,105 on twitter top referred after BBC 23. Summary Of Tweets Posted 24. #WestGate GeographyDeep Green Denotes impressions 25. #WestGate Top CelebrityCecile AKONPiers Morgan 26. Thank You Philip Ogola ICT Officer Social Media Email: ogola.philip@kenyaredcross.org Twitter: @PhilipOgola Skype: PhilipOgola Cell: +254722910810 www.kenyaredcross.org 27. Angela Oduor @AngieNicoleod 28. Lessons from Westgate Angela Oduor angela@ushahidi.com @AngieNicoleOD 29. Resources http://ping.ushahidi.com http://crwd.mp/PingDocs 30. Charity Wayua @charity_wayua 31. Charity Wayua @charity_wayuaAngela Oduor @AngieNicoleodPhilip Ogola @philipogola 32. Thank you for participating in ICCM 2013! 33. CrisisMappers 2013Many thanks to our sponsors!