How big data is being used across industry verticals

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We try to dig into Big Data usage across different industry verticals. PromptCloud offers Big Data crawl & extraction services that are free of any vertical bias and can be customized to suit any requirements. Do get in touch with us at for any queries.


  • 1. How Big Data is being used across industry verticals PromptCloud 2013, All rights reserved.
  • 2. Big Data refers to our ability to collect and make sense out of huge amounts of data that is ever-expanding and decoding it into meaningful information, and more importantly, actionable strategies. Today companies are using Big Data technologies which are helping them to compete, innovate, optimize costs and enhance consumer experience. Lets have a look at how companies belonging to diverse industries are tapping into this emerging technology. PromptCloud 2013, All rights reserved.
  • 3. Big Data in Processes United Parcel Service (UPS) stores 16 petabytes of data, most of which has been collected through GPS data and fuel-efficiency sensors installed in their trucks that help them keep a track of their speed, braking patterns, direction etc. This initiative has enabled UPS in determining the optimum routes and has led to avoiding 85 million miles which translates into fuel savings of 8.4 million gallons. PromptCloud 2013, All rights reserved.
  • 4. Big Data in People Analytics People analytics is the science of using data to find out what makes people more productive, happy, responsive, distracted etc. With technology, all human actions have become track-able as usage data via sources such as web browsing behavior, cell phones, email and instant messaging records, RFID badges and other such systems. PromptCloud 2013, All rights reserved.
  • 5. Big Data in Fashion Companies can gauge reactions to fashion designs by using customer reviews from e- commerce sites, blogs and other social media. Retailers and designers are also using data to determine the actual demand across various sizes which are helping them to optimize their quantities and minimize leftovers. PromptCloud 2013, All rights reserved.
  • 6. Big Data in Retail In 1995 UK-based retail giant Tesco launched 'Clubcard' - a customer relationship tool that helped them know who their customers were and how they behaved - so that they could target them in a more personalized way. Today, Tesco uses data not only to understand its customers better and providing relevant benefit to induce their loyalty, but also to optimize their supply chain and costs. PromptCloud 2013, All rights reserved.
  • 7. Big Data in Recruitments Open web talent search is an upcoming trend in Human Resources. Companies are using publicly available information about professionals to approach them for open positions, even if they are not looking for a change. Companies such as TalentBin are having such a setup at the base of their business strategy. PromptCloud 2013, All rights reserved.
  • 8. Big Data in Banks A lot of large US banks are using Big Data to understand how customers use their various channels, such as online, mobile, physical banking, ATMs, call centers etc. For instance, Bank of America is using propensity models and transaction data to predict which customers are most likely to refinance their loans or credit cards from its competitors. PromptCloud 2013, All rights reserved.
  • 9. Thank You. You can view the full blog posts here and here. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. PromptCloud 2013, All rights reserved.