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<p>Default Setting</p> <p> Google Analytics Produce By Lee Tae YoungTitanium Analyticstiapp.xml true Setting Google APIs Console</p> <p> Services Analytics API .API Access Create an Oauth 2.0 Client-ID... .Product name, Home Page URL .Application type web application .</p> <p></p> <p>2014 We Make Price 1st. Step ?</p> <p> R&amp;R/KPI , ROI / OFF 2nd. Step !</p> <p> GA .. 3rd. Step TEST &amp; GO!</p> <p> .., , AB TEST , , 8 ..</p> <p> 1!2014.1</p> <p> 2014.12014. 1. PC Web + Mobile Web/App 2 12014. 1 5 PC Web + Mobile Web/App UV , 11 4% </p> <p> ? ?? , ![GA], [Admin], [Agency Report] ? , [], [ ] @ google docs ?[], [], [] GA? GA? /()/?utm_source=naver&amp;utm_medium=cpc&amp;utm_campaign=r_dasourcemediumcampaignNAVER, DAUMNATE, GOOGLECOUPONMOA ROLLINGBOARDNEWS250, GDNMETA_AF, AF_AF J_DA_DAUM, MAIN KPI / GA? /// </p> <p>UI GA? // </p> <p> GA? </p> <p> GA?</p> <p> Funnel Strategy GA? App D/L Web Universal Analytics .</p> <p> G/A G/A Report </p> <p>TrackingImporting G/A Tracking Google Analytics 1. Collecting2. Processing &amp; Configuration3. Reporting1.CollectionDevicesYour Google Analytics AccountHitsInteractionsUsersSessionsHitsCollection - User Activity Hit G/A Devices - Device Hit Web Java script analytics.jsMobile App Software Development Kits1.Collection Web Mobile App Data Collection </p> <p>Tracking CodeWeb Data Collection Web Tracking HTML G/A Tracking Code ~ </p> <p> page view hit </p> <p>HTML HTML Tracking Code </p> <p>Tracking Code JavaScript </p> <p>1.Collection Web Mobile App Data Collection Mobile App Collection Software Development Kit Hit </p> <p>OS SDK </p> <p>Web Mobile Dispatching </p> <p> &gt;SDK Hit G/A Dispatching (Android:30, iOS:2, ) </p> <p> &gt;Why? 1) 2) Google Analytics 1. Collecting2. Processing &amp; Configuration3. Reporting2.Processing&amp;ConfigurationProcessing&amp;Configuration 4</p> <p>(1) Hits Users Sessions Users Hit G/A &gt;New Users Returning Users Users New Users, Users Returning Users</p> <p> &gt; Web , App /App Web , App New Users </p> <p> Session Interaction </p> <p> &gt;, Users Session &gt;30 Time Length 303030 Interaction 30 1 session2.Processing&amp;Configuration(2) Importing G/A </p> <p>(3) Configuration Rule , : Filters, Goals, Grouping </p> <p>Filters &gt; View &gt; , , </p> <p>Goals &gt;Goal Conversions &gt;Goal Goal Metrics </p> <p>Grouping &gt; &gt; : Channel groups &amp; Content groups Channel Groups: . :Facebook Twitter Traffic Social Media Content Groups . </p> <p>4) Aggregation </p> <p>G/A , Report </p> <p>2.Processing&amp;ConfigurationGoogle Analytics 1. Collecting2. Processing &amp; Configuration3. ReportingReportingReporting : Dimensions&amp;Metrics, API, and Sampling</p> <p>(1) Dimensions &amp; Metrics Dimensions Metrics Dimensions Metrics scope (Scope User/Session/Hit ex)Page title - visits(x) scope Dimensions Metrics : </p> <p>(2) APIsG/A Dashboard App API G/A G/A </p> <p>(3) Sampling Report Aggregation Table Report Report , Sampling . , , Reporting Report&amp;Demension </p> <p>Report&amp;Demension (1)</p> <p> ( ) Dimension Dimension Metrics Summary: Site Usage: ( )Goal Set1: ( Goal1 )Ecommerce: ( ) ( or ) Segment Report&amp;Demension (2)</p> <p>1 Dimension2 Dimension Metrics Metrics 2 Dimension Dimension Dimension DashboardsShortcutsIntelligence EventsReal-TimeAudienceAcquisitionBehaviorConversion- Private+New Dashboard- OverviewOverviewDaily EventsWeekly EventsMonthly EventsOverviewLocationsTraffic SourcesContentEventsConversionsOverviewChannelsAll TrafficAll ReferralsCampaigns KeywordsCost AnalysisAdwordsSocial Search Engine OptimizationOverviewBehavior FlowSite ContentSite SpeedSite SearchEventsAdSenseExperimentsIn-Page AnalysticsGoalsEcommerceMulti-Channel FunnelsAttributionOverviewDemographicsInterestsGeoBehaviorTechnologyMobileCustomUsers Flow DimensionAudienceDemographicsInterestsGeoBehaviorTechnologyMobileCustomUsers FlowAgeGenderAffinity CategoriesIn-Market SegmentsOther CategoriesLanguageLocationNew vs ReturningFrequence&amp;RecencyEngagementUser-ID Coverage(?)Browser&amp;OSNetworkOverviewDeviceCustom VariablesUser DefinedDimensions / User IP , (* ) Count of Session: Session/ Days Since Last Session: Session Duration: Page Depth: /OS Device Category(=Tablet, Mobile, Desktop) Device // IP Interaction DimensionAcquitionChannelsAll TrafficAll ReferralsCampaignsKeywordsCost AnalysisAdWordsSocialSearch Engine OptimizationDimensionsDefault Channel Grouping Direct: Organic Search: Referral: Source/Medium: Source: Medium: Keyword: Source: Landing Page: DimensionBehaviorBehavior FlowSite ContentSite SpeedSite SearchEventsAdSenseExperimentsIn-Page AnalysitcsAll PagesContent Drilldown(?)Landing PagesExit PagesPage TimingsSpeed SuggestionsUser timingsUsageSearch TermsPagesTop EventsPagesEvents FlowInteraction DimensionsPages: URI* . *URI URL ) URI /contact.htmlPages: URI* . Site Search Status: Event Category : Pages: URI* Events Flow: DimensionDashboardsShortcutsIntelligence EventsReal-TimeConversion- Private+New Dashboard- OverviewOverviewDaily EventsWeekly EventsMonthly EventsOverviewLocationsTraffic SourcesContentEventsConversionsGoalsEcommerceMulti-Channel FunnelsAttribution Report G/A G/A G/A Report Metrics MetricsAvg.Session DurationSession Avg.Time on Page Avg.Value Event Bounce Rate Interaction Entrances Event ValueEvent Event Exits New Users Hits Page Value(Transaction Revenue+Total Goal Value)/Unique Page viewsPages/SessionSession Pageviews Total EventsEvents Unique Events dimension session Users Session Session Session %ExitExits /Page view %New Sessions *Goal Metrics **G/A -Visitor Session G/A Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics Seminar - Bapul</p>


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