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PAST:Performance Archive Search ToolWhat is PAST?A way to harvest Archivists Toolkit (AT) & Orchestra Planning and Administration System (OPAS) data and present it to users.

How Does PAST Work?

PASTMS SQL / MySQL databasesMicrosoft .NET FrameworkDevelopment?Paul GallagherDetroit Symphony OrchestraMichigan Opera Theatre

Second phase funded via Andrew W. Mellon Grant

Other institutions looking at deploying soon

Open Source?Boutique ApplicationDesigned for performing arts archivesDeveloped to meet the specific needs of the DSO archives & MOT LibraryRequires commercial OPAS softwarePossibility of disabling the performance system

Not free as in beer, free as in kitten

Good & BadGoodCustom developedfit specific needs and tailored to specific metadata

BadDifficult to sustainGeneral lack of support extensibility requires development supportNot community driven developmentOnlinedso.pastsoftware.comPublic site, primary use has still been internal

trac.pastsoftware.comSource code / installation information