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  • Outdoor Learning
  • The Great Outdoors! Parents, If you are worried about your children being in the great outdoors, listen to this power point and hopefully your concerns will be settled! Research has shown that playing outside is beneficial for a child's development. As well as this, children will be able to explore the natural environment and discover different smells, noises and textures!
  • Why its Beneficial
  • Learning Outside The Classroom
  • What Can Children Learn Outside? There is many ways in which children can learn outdoors! It gives children first-hand contact with the weather, seasons and the natural world. Children can transfer the skills they learn outdoors into the classroom and vice versa. Outdoor learning is as efficient as classroom learning. Children can learn to make decisions, solve problems and grow in confidence in their own abilities outdoors and they need plenty of time to investigate their outdoor environment purposefully. They will make predictions about what may happen based on their previous play experiences and test out these ideas and theories. (EYFS Outdoors 2007)
  • Theres no such thing as the wrong sort of weather, Only the wrong sort of clothing! Appropriate Clothing It is important that children are able to experience all weather conditions, the different seasons and the natural world itself. It is important that the children have warm, protecting clothes for the winter such as waterproofs, wellington boots, warm hats, gloves and warm layers. As a teacher it is important that we give you notice to let you know when your children may encounter a bit of mess while outdoors.
  • Taking The Curriculum Outside General benefits from outdoor learning: The great outdoors creates the opportunity to be creative and for the children to use their imagination. With that there is opportunity for them to be challenged and to critically think and make up their own minds Children may act differently outdoors, for example a student who is perhaps more quiet indoors may find a voice outdoors. The children can find the relevance in the subject they are learning about Outdoors will be a different learning experience for the children rather than the classroom at all times, this will provide opportunity for greater thinking and more understanding.