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Future of teens and technology

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What does the future hold for teens, technology, and libraries?

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  • 1. Future of Teens and Technology Mobile Devices and Apps

2. Teens love mobile devices According to Pews Teens and Technology 2013 poll, 78% of teens have a cell phone. Almost half of those owning cell phones have smartphones. 1 in 4 teens has a tablet. 3. Smartphone use among teens increased 14% from 2011 to 2012! 4. Of those owning mobile devices, well over half of them download apps to their cell phone or tablet. 5. Teens want more apps! Teens use apps to communicate, listen to music, shoot videos, and browse the internet. Libraries should leverage this by promoting the librarys offerings on these apps. Libraries should have a strong presence on social media. Libraries should closely monitor new and trending apps to stay current with teens. Librarians should be seen as technology gurus who can help teen patrons with app issues. 6. Pros App use is on the rise. New apps are being created all the time. Young librarians will likely be more comfortable with app usage and can bring new ideas to the table. Apps are predominately free or inexpensive. Most apps are available on many types of devices (apple, android, etc). 7. Cons Teens will delete an app if they have privacy concerns or popularity is not high. Librarians will have to stay up to date on which apps to leverage most. Digital divide still exists 25% of teens do not have a mobile device. Teens gravitate toward free apps most apps with cost associated will be avoided. 8. What new apps would teens use? Does the library itself have an app? Is this financially feasible? Would teens use it? Do teens want more apps to help them with schoolwork? Would they use an app that recommends hot new books or authors (YALSA bookfinder!)? We know that teens use apps for fun but would they use apps designed to help them find information? 9. YES!!!!! Rising usage of mobile devices and apps suggests that teens will use apps for a variety of purposes in the future! 10. References Madden, M., Lenhart, A., Duggan, M., Cortesi, S., & Gasser, U. (2013, March 13). Teens and technology 2013. Pew Research Center. Retrieved from s/Reports/2013/PIP_TeensandTechnology2 013.pdf Madden, M., Lenhart, A., Cortesi, S., & Gasser, U. (2013, August 22). Teens and mobile apps privacy. Pew Research Center. Retrieved from Findings/Teens-and-Mobile-AppsPrivacy.aspx

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