Future Learning Environments

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A look at where we are currently with learning environments and what is likely to happen over the next few years.

Text of Future Learning Environments

  • 1. Future learning environments and what they tell us Martin Weller

2. Outline

  • What are VLEs like now?
  • How did we get here?
  • What are future VLEs like?
  • What does it mean for us?

3. Current state of play

  • OECD/OBHE 2004 survey in 13 countries
  • All had VLE
  • 37% have institution-wide VLE
  • 90% expect to have single VLE in next 5 years
  • 52% use commercial system
  • Rest use combination of in-house and open source
  • No institution had just OS
  • 31% had portal
  • 6.6% had CMS

4. Democrats vs revolutionaries staff development academic staff innovation tradition critical mass cottage industry mainstream Robustness Reliability Ease of use Flexibility Excitement Technological flair Rigour Usabilty New tools New approaches 5. Whats wrong with VLEs

  • They are content focused
  • They have no strong pedagogy
  • They are based around a teacher-classroom model
  • They combine a number of average tools, but not the best ones
  • They do not feature a particular tool
  • They operate on a lowest common denominator approach
  • They do not meet the needs of different subject areas
  • It is difficult to exchange content between them, despite claims to interoperability

6. Why have VLEs been adopted?

  • Becausethey do not require big changes in practice
  • A content management system requires:
      • Most content is available digitally
      • Content is in appropriately sized chunks
      • Reuse of material is encouraged
      • E-learning plays a significant role in the overall educational strategy

7. Plant succession 8. Technology succession technological environments are not merely passive containers of people but are active processes that reshape people and other technologies alike (McLuhan 1962) 9. Future LE why?

  • A proxy for social and technological change
  • Reflect changes in HE
  • Engage learners
  • New models of learning
  • New audiences?
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pyjRj3UMRM

10. Students inhabit the online world 11. Possible dimensions Future LE Open content iTunesU Openlearn Slideshare Social Network Facebook LastFM 43Things PLE Stringle Blog Pageflakes Learning design LAMS Compendium Virtual worlds SecondLife World of Warcraft Virtual Presence Gabbly Medium User generated content Wikiversity YouTube Flickr Devices Mobile tech MS Surface Nintendo Wii 12. What does it mean?

  • Not educational tools
  • We need to go out to them
  • Mixing and mashing
  • Usability is high
  • After centralisation decentralisation!
  • Content isnt everything but its not nothing
  • They dont come to us for content anymore need to add more