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  2. 2. Promoting FIRST Table of Contents 1-1..Women in Engineering 1-2. Engineering Career Week 1-3. Engineering Day 1-4. Engineering Design Competition 1-5. Engineering Career Day 1-6. Constructed Candy-Throwing Robot 1-7. Homecoming Parade 1-8. T-Shirt Throwing Robot 1-9. Cub Scouts Demo 1-10.. Book Fair at Carriel Junior High 1-11.. Promoting FIRST in Edwardsville 1-12.. FIRST Friday 1-13.. Archcon Science Fair Convention 1-14.. FRC Alliance Open House 1-15.. Recruited Three FLL Teams 1-16.. Open House 1-17.. Freshman Fair 1-18.. Championship Assistance 1-19.. Channel One News 1-20.. MOYE Robo-Demo 1-21.. STEM Camporee
  3. 3. Promoting FIRST Table of Contents 1-22.. OFallon Progress Articles 1-23.. FRC Kickoff 1-24.. FRC Demo at FLL and FTC Kickoff 1-25.. Hazelwood Demo 1-26.. McAlisters Fundraiser 1-27.. SciFest 1-28.. Gift Wrapping at Barnes and Noble 1-29.. Orange Leaf Fundraiser
  4. 4. Supporting FIRST Table of Contents 2-1. Mentored 4 FLL Teams 2-2. FLL Volunteering at Carriel Jr. High 2-3. FRC Alliance Pre-Season Workshop 2-4. Pre-Season Training Program 2-5. Mentored 8 FRC Teams 2-6. Superintendent Meeting 2-7. Rookie Team Workshop 2-8. FRC Build Season Mini-Workshops 2-9. FRC Post-Kickoff Inventory 2-10.. Alpha Testing 2-11.. FLL Volunteering at Brittany Woods 2-12.. Lego League Mentoring 2-13.. Officer in St. Louis FRC Alliance 2-14.. Mentor on FRC Regional Planning Committee 2-15.. Rookie Survival Guide to the St. Louis Regional 2-16.. St. Louis Guide for FRC Championship
  5. 5. Supporting FIRST Table of Contents 2-17.. Mentored Maryville FLL Team 2-18.. FLL Qualifier Volunteering 2-19.. Field Set Up and Tear Down at St. Louis Regional 2-20.. KOP Handout at St. Louis Regional 2-21.. No Robot Left Behind 2-22.. FRC Training Camp 2-23.. AFCEA TechNet Summer Convention 2-24.. FRC Kickoff 2-25.. Volunteered at FTC Missouri Championship 2-26.. FRC Pre-Kickoff Training Camp 2-27.. BETA Testing 2-28.. FLL Eastern MO Championship 2-29.. Mentors Volunteering at Championship
  6. 6. Team Development Table of Contents 3-1.. Certification of all Team Members 3-2.. Student Officer Organization Plan 3-3.. Organization Plan 3-4.. FIRST Incorporated into OTHS Curriculum 3-5.. NASA Speaker 3-6.. Business Plan 3-7.. Drive One 4 Your School 3-8.. Pancake Breakfast 3-9.. Car Wash 3-10 Mr. Irresistible 3-11 Rummage Sale 3-12 Ornament Sales 3-13 Kickoff Party 3-14 Rummage Sale 3-15 LED Light Bulb Fundraiser 3-16 New Workroom Design and Construction 3-17 Trivia Night/Silent Auction
  7. 7. Community Outreach Table of Contents 4-1.. 100 Years of Scouting 4-2.. Pennies for Patients 4-3.. Wounded Warrior Drive 4-4.. Crayon and Coloring Book Drive 4-5.. Adopt a Family Christmas Drive 4-6.. Benefit for Barbara Hamilton 4-7.. Simms House Clean Up 4-8.. Book Drive 4-9.. Troop Care Packages 4-10 Food Drive 4-11 Shoes for Haiti 4-12 Red Out 4-13 Sponsored Trip to Haiti 4-14 Haiti Calculator Drive 4-15 Coloring Books for Haiti
  8. 8. Competitions Table of Contents 5-1.. The Game 5-2.. FTC Kickoff 5-3.. FTC Qualifier 5-4.. End of Build Season Scrimmage 5-5.. Gateway Robotics Challenge 5-6.. FRC Robot Scramble 5-7.. St. Louis Regional 5-8.. Crossroads Regional 5-9.. World Championship 5-10 Student Ambassador Kansas City Regional 5-11 Science Center Scrimmage 5-12 Kansas City Regional 5-13 St. Louis Regional 2011 5-14 St. Louis Regional 2012 5-15 Championship 5-16 Smoky Mountain Regional Knoxville, Tennessee
  9. 9. At the SIUE Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, female representatives of Team 1208 gave a demonstration of our robot to promote FIRST and an interest in robotics, engineering, and science. WOMEN IN ENGINEERING 2014
  10. 10. The Metool Brigade promoted FIRST at the STL Science Centers celebration of National Engineers Week. There, we exhibited the Frisbee-throwing robot we built for the Ultimate Ascent FRC Game, and then invited interested children to drive it. Engineering Career week 2013
  11. 11. While showing off our mecanum wheel robot at the STL Science Center, we promoted FIRST by handing out informative pamphlets about engineering to parents and students. Engineering Day 2011-2013
  12. 12. Our team holds a design competition each year to include all students throughout our school in experiencing FIRST and engineering. Engineering design competition 2011-2012
  13. 13. Engineering Career Day 2012-2014 Team 1208 traveled to the St. Louis Science Center for Engineering Career Day, where we promoted FIRST and presented our robots abilities to aspiring engineers.
  14. 14. Team 1208 built a robot to throw candy during our towns annual Homecoming parade. This gave the OFallon children their first taste of FIRST! constructed Candy-throwing Robot 2011
  15. 15. Homecoming Parade 2011-2015 During our schools Homecoming parade, Metool Brigade members walk with our candy-bot through the town, giving treats to children and inspiring an interest in FIRST for all ages.
  16. 16. To promote FIRST, the Metool Brigade designed and built a robot to throw T-shirts into a crowd. It threw more accurately than human hands and was able to throw far enough to deliver T-shirts to people in different sections of a crowd. T-Shirt throwing Robot 2012
  17. 17. A few members of Team 1208 demonstrated what our robot does for our local Cub Scouts. The Boy Scouts were excited to see the robot in action and responded with great enthusiasm towards robotics and FIRST. Cub Scouts Demo 2012
  18. 18. Book fair at carriel junior high 2015 The Metool Brigade was invited by Carriel Junior High to their annual book fair to showcase our Ariel Assist robot. There, we spread the message of FIRST by talking to students and encouraging them to drive the robot.
  19. 19. Along with Triad High School and Boeing representatives, the Metool Brigade traveled to Edwardsville to promote starting a FIRST team. Promoting First in Edwardsville 2013
  20. 20. Team 1208 attended FIRST Friday at the STL Science Center where we demonstrated our robot to children and their families. FIRST Friday 2013
  21. 21. Archon Science Fair Convention 2014-2015 We attended the Sci-Fi convention in order to inspire young people to participate in FIRST.
  22. 22. Team 1208 and other St. Louis area FRC teams gathered at the St. Louis Science Center show each other our robots and our accomplishments from the past season. Through this connection within the FIRST community, we all bonded over our incomparable experience in FRC Competitions. FRC Alliance Open House 2012
  23. 23. Recruited three fll teams 2015 The Metool Brigade held conferences with parents and school administrators at Belle Valley, Worden, and Eureka to establish FLL teams within the schools.
  24. 24. Open house 2011-2015 The team held an Open House at OTHS in order to form valuable relationships with students, parents, and other community members. By interacting with us and our robot, all of OFallon could experience FIRST and see our dedication and passion towards the program.
  25. 25. Freshman Fair 2011-2015 Through our schools Freshman Fair, we try to recruit the new underclassmen to join Robotics by handing out informational packets promoting FIRST and allowing the students to interact with the past years robot.
  26. 26. Championship Assistance 2013 At the FIRST World Championship, we provided batteries, tables, and carts to teams from Israel who couldnt transport them to the competition themselves.
  27. 27. Channel one News 2012 In order to promote FIRST, Team 1208 contacted Channel One News, a national news source that specifically targets students of all ages. The Channel One crew came to the FIRST Championship in St. Louis and interviewed members of our team, which spread the FIRST message to students across the country.
  28. 28. Moye Robo-Demo 2012 The Metool Brigade visited Moye Elementary School in OFallon, Illinois, to give a robotics presentation during a school assembly. Our demonstration inspired many of the children to join Lego League teams, and this educated many students and faculty about FIRST.
  29. 29. STEM Camporee 2012 The Metool Brigade traveled to Scott Air Force Base and participated in a STEM Camporee, where we demonstrated our Rebound Rumble robot which could shoot 8in foam basketballs.
  30. 30. OFallOn PrOgress Articles 2011-2015 For the past eleven years, the OTHS Robotics team has been featured in articles in the local newspaper. These articles discuss our accomplishments throughout our seasons and they spark an interest in FIRST within the community.
  31. 31. FRC Kickoff 2011-2013 Excited for the upcoming FIRST FRC competition season, select Metool Brigade members traveled to the St. Louis Science Center to participate in the FRC Kickoff. Afterwards, the members returned to OTHS to strategize with the rest of our team.
  32. 32. FRC Demo at FLL and FTC Kickoff 2011 The Metool Brigade traveled to Florissant Valley Community College for the FLL and FTC Kickoff. There, we demonstrated our robots functions to fascinated young competitors, promoting an stronger interest in FIRST.
  33. 33. Hazelwood Demo 2011 Team 1208 took part in Hazelwood Centrals Open House by giving a demonstration of the 2011 game robot, talking to other participants, and mentoring younger teams. City council members observed all that the Metool Brigade did that day.
  34. 34. Mcalisters Fundraiser 2011-2012 The Metool Brigade held a fundraiser at our local McAlisters Deli and invited community members to come from 5-8 PM that evening and support the team. While they ate, we passed out flyers and shared our enthusiasm about robotics and FIRST.
  35. 35. Scifest 2011 To spread the message of FIRST, Team 1208 particip