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Christmas Activity Book. By Harold. Forward. My dedication. back. forward. I dedicate this book to my family because they are a good family and they are very nice. Table of contents. back. forward. Dedication page My family traditions Christmas around the world 1:Hong Kong - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Christmas Activity book

Christmas around JapanSanta in Japan.There Santa is suppose to be called Hotei-osho who is like Santa Clause to be a Buddhist. He brings presents to each house and leaves them for the children.backForward

Table of contents Table of contents Dedication pageMy family traditionsChristmas around the world 1:Hong Kong Christmas around the world 2: JapanPoem#1Poem#2Poem#3Poem#4Red activity #1Red activity#2Green activity#1Green activity#2Green activity#3Purple activity#1Purple activity#2Purple activity#3Purple activity#4About the author backforwardPoemBack Table of Contents ForwardSANTA

Now on groundLot of presents under treeorth poleRees inside houses Lot of snowhaikuBack Table of Contents ForwardSanta in the air flying in the foggy night. Santa on a slay.Cuinquin Back Table of Contents Forward Santa Red jollyRiding flying giving Going to peoples houses bringing present

Red activity 1Back Table of Contents ForwardIf someone is alone I would talk to them so they wont be aloneIf someone is ill I would comfort them.If someone is lonely I would tell them to look on the bright side.If they are in the hospital I would comfort them. Red activity 2Back Table of Contents ForwardThe kind of bells are there are Christmas bells, and church bells.The uses of a bell are in church the bell will ring so people can hear and come there, bells can be for Christmas decorations, and maybe for caroling, and bells can be use to call people and ring them. A carillon is like a song. The bells are made by painting and silver. The largest bell is in the church. Green activity #1Back Table of Contents ForwardHolidaysAdult list laptop, Iphone, Flat screen TV, and a computer.Kids list Wii, DS, DS game, Wii game, Wii and DS card, Lego set, dollset, car set.

Green activity #2Back Table of Contents Forward foodChristmas festivities foods are pie, cake, chicken, bread, and tea. They are traditional because people can celebrate with the food by making a party and eating all of the food and people can cook them for Christmas and it is hard to cook them which will make them special. Green activity #3Back Table of Contents Forward windowsStain glass windows and Christmas windows are related because they are both glass and they both can have the same colors they are both not see thru and they both can have decorations on them.colorsBack Table of Contents Forwardyellowot of lightsot of presentn snowhite Christmasellow decorationNough snow Christmas surveyBack Table of Contents ForwardMy parents Christmas change by snow and different places to decorate in the house and a new Christmas tree and new food. my grandparents Christmas change by new decorations. my Christmas change by a new Christmas tree. When my parents were kids their Christmas is not really celebrating then when they are grown up there Christmas change by decorations and food and a Christmas tree. The ideal ChristmasBack Table of Contents ForwardMy family should go to the mall.We would eat at the food court.We would go to a store in the mall.My family would buy Christmas food, Christmas decorations for a tree, Christmas lights, wrapping paper, and gifts.snowBack Table of Contents ForwardKids list for snow activity's making a snow man, making snow angles, eating snow, and eating snow flakes.Adults list for snow activitysSnow ball fight, making a snow fort, making an igloo, sledding, making A big Snow man,sleddingnowy hillot of funnjoyingangerous oodot badn snowaringAbout the authorBack Table of Contents Forward About the author The author who made this is Harold Trias.The author was born in1999 in Canada. The school Harold went to is Millside Rochester elementary and is now in Maillard middle school. the author likes technology like video game and TVs.My dedication I dedicate this book to my family because they are a good family and they are very nice.backforward