Extending the Mobile Enterprise beyond Email

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Slides from Webinar with Ryan Faas: Enterprise mobility has transitioned from email alone to file access, collaboration, content creation, and in-house apps from mobile devices. Adoption of smart devices is accelerating this transition and enterprise users are continuously pushing the limits of anywhere and any device productivity. Ryan talked about: * Examples of adoption of mobility in enterprise (healthcare, government, education, automotive, etc.) * Which mobile security solutions are being used to support the workforce and/or regulations? * Trends about how and why users choose their mobile apps and workflows Ryan Faas is an award-winning technology author and journalist. His work has appeared in Computerworld, InfoWorld, InformIT, Enterprise Mobile Today, Cult of Mac, and Peachpit Press. In mid-2012, Ryan was part of the team that launched CITEworld, an IDG enterprise news and resource site dedicated to the consumerization trends that are transforming workplace technology. He is also the author of five books, the most recent being "iPhone for Work" published in 2009. Ryan also consults on technology integration issues for a variety of clients located throughout New York and New England.

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  • 1. www.ryanfaas.com www.bitzermobile.com1Tuesday, April 30thWebinar:Extending the Mobile EnterpriseBeyond Email
  • 2. www.ryanfaas.com www.bitzermobile.com2The Team TodayRyan FaasTechnology author & consultantFantasy football addictIndus KhaitanCo-founderBitzer Mobile
  • 3. www.ryanfaas.com www.bitzermobile.com3There are certain jobs that youassociate with mobility Doctors and nurses Salespeople Executives
  • 4. www.ryanfaas.com www.bitzermobile.com4Workplaces youd never expectto find mobile Industrial agriculture Archaeological digs Trucks of utility workers Construction crews The Vatican and the Oval Office
  • 5. www.ryanfaas.com www.bitzermobile.com5Mobile devices are reinventingjust about every job on the planet
  • 6. www.ryanfaas.com www.bitzermobile.com6Why? Mobile devices are essentially panes of glassthat can be turned into any kind of tool Users are choosing mobile devices & apps tocreate their ideal digital workspace
  • 7. www.ryanfaas.com www.bitzermobile.com7How do you support that freedom in a safeand secure manner?ITs Dilemma
  • 8. www.ryanfaas.com www.bitzermobile.com8A layered approach withmultiple tools & techniques Mobile Device Management (MDM) Mobile App Management (MAM) Mobile content and informationmanagement
  • 9. www.ryanfaas.com www.bitzermobile.com9Mobile Device Management Great starting point for mobile security Crucial component of a mobile strategy Too limited to be a complete solution
  • 10. www.ryanfaas.com www.bitzermobile.com10Mobile App Management- Solves three problems Purchasing and deploying apps todevices/users Securing data stored in those apps Letting IT know what apps users haveinstalled on their own
  • 11. www.ryanfaas.com www.bitzermobile.com11Containerization Separates business from personalcontent (emails, contacts, files, apps) Avoids limiting personal use of device Ensures data is encrypted at rest & in transit Include data leakage prevention Incorporates user authentication
  • 12. www.ryanfaas.com www.bitzermobile.com12PollWhat do employees do with theirmobile device in your organization?
  • 13. www.ryanfaas.com www.bitzermobile.com13Most organizations today rely onat least 2 different mobilemanagement solutions.55%40%5%
  • 14. www.ryanfaas.com www.bitzermobile.com14Workers have always been expertsat their jobs Devices Accessories Apps Cloud services Social networks
  • 15. www.ryanfaas.com www.bitzermobile.com15 Work more as partners - not dictators Understand the needs of workers Why are users selecting specific devices,apps, or cloud services? IT can then make informed suggestionsIT needs to adjust to this new reality
  • 16. www.ryanfaas.com www.bitzermobile.com16 IT needs to explain restrictions Users need to understand mobile risks Everyone needs to understand theconsequences of a mobile breachIT-User partnership is a 2-way street
  • 17. www.ryanfaas.com www.bitzermobile.com17Mobile is a big transformationfor everyonePossibly the biggest transformation many fieldshave seen in decades or even centuries
  • 18. www.ryanfaas.com www.bitzermobile.com18Next Steps Learn more at www.ryanfaas.com Learn more at www.bitzermobile.com For a free assessment of your enterprisemobility plan contact info@bitzermobile.com
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