(ENT216) Adapting Systems Architecture and IT Practices for Running Enterprise Business-Critical Workloads in the Cloud | AWS re:Invent 2014

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In this session, Infosys (an AWS Premier Consulting Partner) discusses how some of their large enterprise customers are leveraging AWS for business-critical workloads. Specific case studies include how a large wealth management firm addressed industry regulations for moving data to the cloud, as well as how customers in the aircraft manufacturing industry and education are achieving operational efficiencies through the cloud. This discussion also includes the following topics: - Moving business-critical workloads like SAP and CRM to the cloud - Understanding and implementing governance across the entire IT ecosystem - Adapting system architecture and IT practices for efficiency in the cloud Sponsored by Infosys.

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  • 1. November 13, 2014 | Las Vegas, NVVishnu Bhat, Senior Vice President and Global Head Cloud and Infrastructure Services, Infosys

2. Source: Infosys Cloud Studyof all IT workloads will reside in the60%cloud in 3-4 yearssay investing in the public cloud 50%is important to themare either using or planning to use mission-critical apps on the cloud81% in the next 2 years 3. Rethink 4. evolvingSiloedConsolidatedVMVMOn-premises data centerIaaSVMVMVMVMHybridIaaSOn-premise Data CenterPaaSEnterprise appsIaaSPaaSSaaSPublic cloudEnterprise ITA hybrid deployment, multicloudconsumption model 5. hybrid ITFragmented ITenvironmentGovernance and controlIntegration and management across hybrid ITComplex legal, commercial, and technical constructsInconsistent user experience 6. orchestrationEnterprise usersBrokerage and governanceSaaSPaaSIaaSCloud ecosystemService catalogIntegrationProvisioningSecurityAdministrationReportingGuaranteed SLAsShowback/billingCloud servicesHomogeneous user experienceMaximum performanceOptimal costSeamless governanceCloud consumers 7. orchestration 8. AWS management Infosys Cloud Ecosystem HubSelf-service (portal)SecurityService mgmtComputeStorageServicesBusiness usersEngineeringITSMCMDBMonitoringPatchBackupDRIDAMSIEMGRC, DRMDLPEncryption, PKIHIPS / HIDSWorkflowPolicy and event mgmt.BrokerageDecision supportBilling and reportsAmazon EC2Amazon GlacierNetworkDCAmazon RedshiftSNOWSM,CMEPPVAAWSAmazon WorkSpacesSNS/W CMUnified management and orchestration(Build, manage, govern and automate)IaaSPaaSSaaSEaaSDaaSCloud service catalogService templatesOperationsService deskWorkload -1Workload -2Workload -3Workload -nAWS Elastic BeanstalkService integration platform (hybrid model)(Service management, transformation, routing, mediation, aggregation, security)Workload migrationGovernanceITOpsDevOpsEnvironment templatesELBAmazon S3IM,KM,PMVPCEIPSG 9. Migration of business-critical workloads to a hybrid cloud in compliance with internal IT polices and industry regulationsBusiness goalReduction in TCO (40%)Improvement of IT agility to accelerate time to market (40%)Contestability ContinuouslyAdoption of AWS public cloud by awealth management company 10. Legacy application migration and sustenance on the public cloudCreation of an agile DevOps modelBusiness goalScalability of business workloads for business growthReduction in TCO (30%)TransformationSustenance Migration of legacy application to AWS cloud for an aircraft manufacturer 11. Building a platform on the cloud to enable the roll-out of services across multiple schools while simplifying the administration and reporting needsBusiness goalIncreased agility to deliver new services across schoolsStandardize reporting mechanismStandardize . ModernizeDriving cloud adoption for large education commission 12. Rethink 13. Source: Gartnerof companies have already invested in big data64%are struggling to derive value56% 14. RethinkSCALEReady for real-time responseSCOPEMove from relations tocorrelationsINSIGHTSMove from request response to self-discovery 15. Real-time reporting of equipment performance through big data analytics solution running on AWS cloudBusiness goalProcess over 250 million records in 3 secondsSolution to be 1/1000ththe current cost of analyticsReal-time . Cost-effective...Real-time predictive analyticsas a service on AWS cloud 16. Renew legacyAgile coreHyper efficiency and productivityCloud drivenCustomer CentricityPersonalizationOmni-channelAnytimeAnywhereDigital transformationECOSYSTEMORCHESTRATE AND MANAGECONSUMERREDEFINEEXPERIENCESNew revenue and business modelsAgile partner onboardingSecurity and governanceOpen architectureENTERPRISERENEWTHE CORE 17. http://bit.ly/awsevals