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Check us out at: http://duuble.com/beta


1. Stream your Status Updates 2. Status Updatesshort msgsabt anythingPostand they are here to stay 3. Currently, one account posts toPostOne pageStatus update/postStatus update/postStatus update/postStatus update/post 4. But we are different 5. We also do status updatesbut...Post 6. You can post to different pagesPostStatus update/postStatus update/postStatus update/post 7. How does it work?hello to you! /randomPoststatus updatestatus page handle 8. The status update will appear athttp:///random/hello to you!recently posted by someuser 9. Share this linkhttp:///random/hello to you!recently posted by someuseronly with people you want to 10. This works for us because all your status updates posted are PRIVATE by default 11. Of course, youll still have your main pageat http:///Status update/postStatus update/postStatus update/postStatus update/postfor your public posts 12. Why this?+ some things not meant to be shared with everyone!+ certain status updates will be more important to some peopleGive them a special place to go to! 13. Some use casesProgress of projects, etc.+ Keep members updated about your part of the project+ Keep clients updated about the status of your projectStatuses about anything!+ Location+ Mood, etc. 14. were still in beta, but you can check us out athttp://duuble.com/beta 15. Why not complement existing stuff?Duubleis fundamentally quite different 16. Other things were doing for Duuble+ Quantified-Self+ Visualized status updates -> overcome language barrier+ API+ Mobile App+ etc. 17. once again, check us out athttp://duuble.com/beta