Designing native android apps

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Often overlooked features of the Android platform that can help promote user engagement.


<ul><li> 1. Designing Native Android Apps Making apps look and feel at home on Android </li></ul> <p> 2. Ryan Harter Freelance Android Developer Develop mobile apps for 5+ years 3. Differentiators Sharing Widgets Rich Notifications Action Bar Navigation Launcher Icons Launch Image 4. Sharing Support Dynamic Sharing Let user choose app based on type image text url etc. Multiple sharing dialog options 5. Sharing - Standard and Custom 6. Sharing - Quick Share 7. Widgets Provide quick access to information No need to launch app Support Basic Interaction Lists Galleries Buttons Resizable Encourages Launcher Placement! Prime Real Estate 8. Widgets - Examples 9. Widgets - Resizing 10. Rich Notifications Support Rich Contents (more than just text) Images Dynamic Data Interaction Allow (read: Promote) Interaction Expandable Ongoing Notifications Give Users Data and Control Promotes Interaction 11. Rich Notifications - Examples 12. Rich Notifications - Ongoing 13. Action Bar Contain Custom Controls Most used Action Items Action Overflow for lower priority actions This is behind the menu button for phones that have one Split to utilize space Can contain navigation (Tabs or Spinner) 14. Action Bar - Standard 1. Logo (defaults to App Icon) a. Provides Context b. Can include up affordance 2. Spinner Navigation a. Top level navigation b. Defaults to current Activity name 3. Action Items 4. Overflow Menu 15. Action Bar - Split and Sizes 16. Action Bar - Contextual Contextual Action Bar Used for selected items/text Change appearance to add context Provide action items for selected data 17. Navigation Two Navigation Styles Temporal System back button Never put on screen, required on all devices Hierarchical Up Button (Top left of Action Bar) 18. Navigation 19. Navigation - List Exception 20. Launcher Icons Distinct Silhouette Makes your app easier to find Allows added branding Top-down Perspective Multiple Per App Each Activity can have its own launcher icon Allows added branding in launcher icon Eases discovery 21. Launcher Icons - Distinct Silhouettes 22. Launcher Icons - Multiple G+ Photos &amp; Google+ Multiple entry points Support main use cases Use Sparingly 23. Launch Image Not a splash screen Apple guidelines say to make it look like an empty first view, doesnt make sense on Android No purpose on Android 24. Resources Excellent resources for Android Design Guidelines </p>