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  1. 1. Public Decentralized Disruption Antti Kettunen Blockchain Solutions Consultant Tieto, Blockchain Solutions
  2. 2. Tieto Corporation Public Centralized services The internet up to today 2 Internet presence Organization Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer Organization B2B Integration OrganizationB2B Integration
  3. 3. Tieto Corporation Public Platform economy Digital business model 3 Platform Organization Partner Partner Customers Customers Customers Customers Customers Customers Partner Open API Integration Commercial API Integration Partner ecosystem
  4. 4. Tieto Corporation Public Platforms hold the full control of the ecosystem Platforms are highly centralized 4 Platform USER EXPERIENCE UX TRUST TRANS- ACTIONS GOVERNANCE PERSONAL DATA
  5. 5. Tieto Corporation Public And with great power, comes great responsibility We have an inherently flawed approach
  6. 6. Tieto Corporation Public Distributed Ledger technologies (like Blockchain) created a new decentralized way of building trust and sharing information 6 Today (centralised platforms) Platform controlled, centrally governed, non-interoperable & siloed identities Platform UX Tomorrow (decentralized ecosystems) Public or consortium governance, interoperable and portable identities, decentralized trust UX UX UX UX
  7. 7. Tieto Corporation Public Decentralized internet Decentralized ecosystems form the backbone of future internet business 7 IDENTITY & TRUST TRANSACTIONS ASSETS LOGISTICS
  8. 8. Tieto Corporation Public Sovrin is a decentralized identity network, which solves the trust issues of the digital age With Sovrin, any person, organization and thing can have a portable digital identity that they control. With this they can reveal verifiable information about their identity to anyone anywhere in the world, securely and privately. Issuing parties can issue claims (i.e. share personal information) about identity holders and revoke already issued claims. Relying parties can verify 1.Who are you 2.That the information you share is correct and valid 3.If you have the power to act All this without needing to connect to any issuer systems 8 Sovrins codebase (Hyperleger Indy) is a Linux foundation open source project. The live public permissioned ledger is governed by non-profit Sovrin foundation. IDENTITY HOLDER (person, organization, thing) ISSUING PARTY (e.g. bank) RELYING PARTY (e.g. webshop) Signed data (e.g. date of birth) Signed data (e.g. age >18) DISTRIBUTED LEDGER
  9. 9. Tieto Corporation Public Trusted B2B Data ExchangeDecentralized Identity Network Peer-to-Peer Economy Consented Personal Data Exchange Consented & Trusted IOT Networks Sovrin is a Distributed Identity Network, enabling Trusted Peer Interactions between individuals, organizations and things Trust is formed through verifiable identities. Data is exchanged directly between parties with verifiable proofs of the origin of the data Sovrin is a Distributed Ledger Technology Sovrin creates unique opportunities for any kind of connections
  10. 10. Tieto Corporation Public Sovrin is the identity layer of the internet, enabling the widespread decentralized disruption Decentralized Identity Network
  11. 11. Tieto Corporation Public What are the decentralized ecosystems for your platform? IDENTITY TRANSACTIONS ASSETS LOGISTICS
  12. 12. Tieto Corporation Public Antti Kettunen Blockchain Solutions Consultant Tieto Blockchain Solutions em ph 044 377 8436 tw @anttikettunen ln