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Here's Alan Smith's pitch for The Movement 09 operating procedures. Focused on decentralized Awareness, Freemium Funding, utilizing existing infrastructures where possible, and decentralizing everything within a "Champion" based organizational membership model, this one got people talking. Delivered to Toronto on January 15th, from London UK.

Text of Freemium Decentralized

  • 1. Pitch THE How I learned to stop MOV- managing and love EME- the decentralized NT organization jan 15 2009 est FEB 1st 2006 .
  • 2. 5 focal points
  • 4. Everyone Evange- lizes, Ev- ery day
  • 5. People need to know that this is happening. But its gotta be sincere, honest, & related to actual people and actual ideas. Dont talk: do & showcase.
  • 6. Q How can you create awareness of a decentral- ized organization without budgets?
  • 7. A Use the de-centralization to your advantage. And then... centralize anyway!!!
  • 8. A=T*M
  • 9. A=T*M Awareness Touchpoints Movers
  • 10. Conversations, Links, Videos, Photos, Blogposts, etc. Use people and their interestingness as ads and awareness for what The Movement is doing (be- cause its doing what its people are doing). So Where does it all go?
  • 11.
  • 12. Photo Pools Tag Sets #convos Channels Affiliations
  • 13. Carry on.
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16. Profile bio Friends = Favorites... Links to... = What is Movers All content by Movers Profiles on other sites Aggregate content pools holding The Movement? content by Movers Have links to friends within that web-service. Use the Bio information on all Augmented Profile Pictures make these pages to spread the word it easy to see whos who. about what The Movement is so people can get it without having to ever see
  • 17. ?
  • 18. Aggregate everything that cant be aggregated anywhere else. ATOM aggregate blog feed. A list of all the years of experience people in The Movement have worked for. Something holding all the unique skills of each individual has. A full list of values held by Movers. Fields Movers work in. A list of all current proj- ects & clients of TM. All the tags representing each individuals interests. A list of all the profiles the Movement has. A full Mover directory. etc...
  • 19. Two trends here: 1.Use PEOPLE (profiles) in ex- isting networks. 2.Aggregate peoples relevant CONTENT.
  • 20. People bound together for a common purpose are an organization. By collectively creating thousands of links, were creating awareness of the common purpose we share: Work that means something.
  • 21. Everyone Evange- lizes, Ev- ery day
  • 22. BREATHE.....
  • 23. First: Freemi- um, Fund- ing
  • 24. This organization cant run itself on volunteer labour alone. It will need money for external services and expenses. Without creating more work for Movers, we can turn their current activites and goals be into revunue.
  • 25. Q How can this thing pay for itself?
  • 26. A Build a scale of Free, to Fee, to Exorbitant Fees.
  • 27. Zero Digits: $ Give away digital content that were creating already.
  • 28. Double Digits: $$ Create physical versions of the same content and sell them.
  • 29. Triple Digits: $$$ Charge for affiliation.
  • 30. 4,5,6 Digits +: $$$$$$$ Seek organizations with fund- ing and similar mandates to give Sponsorships, Grants
  • 31. Dividing funds amongst Champions: Give them some money, target goals, and say Spend it or Keep it, but either way you meet or exceed the goal.
  • 32. 5$ per net/product and 10,000 units. 500 per membership and 100 members. 10,000 per sponsorship and 5 sponsors. = 150,000$ per year
  • 33. First: Freemi- um, Fund- ing
  • 34. ...but theres more.
  • 35. Bravely Branding Better- ment
  • 36. Forget traditional approaches. Forget consensus. Forget orginality.
  • 37. Q How should you drink wine?
  • 38. A From a wine glass, of course.
  • 39. Busines