Continuity of supply means continuity of production

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Implementing Continuous Improvement in the High Voltage Testing Industry

Text of Continuity of supply means continuity of production

  • 1. Implementing Continuous Improvement in theHigh Voltage Test Industry

2. How do you feelwhen you turn onthe light switch andnothing happens? 3. Right now is yourfreezer running athome? 4. Welcome* Peter May * Asset Integrity Specialist 5. DomesticIndustrialCommercial* Power Generation* Power Transmission 6. NorthernPowerStation* Port Augusta* Playford A(decommissioned)* Playford B 7. AssetIntegritySpecialist* High Voltage Testingthroughout the grid 8. Olympic Dam* Increased Demandon the grid 9. Delivery of Power* From Generating Plantto End User* Transmission Electranet* Distribution ETSA 10. Main Contracts - Electranet AGL International Power ETSA SA Water 11. Specialties -* Transformers* Instrument Transformers* Circuit Breakers* Capacitor Banks* Reactors 12. Reactor* Davenport SubstationPort Augusta 13. Holistic Service Mobilise to the site Switch out the equipment [Isolation] Disconnect the equipment Test the equipment Analyse the results Reconnect the equipment Switch the equipment back on [Restoration] De-mobilise from the site 14. Doble M4100* 10000 volts 15. High Voltage Testing Test set Hardware / Software Connections Equipment Analysis & Interpretation Final Report 16. Worlds Best Practice! Substation Design Manuals Endorsed Company Continuous Improvements Standard Working Procedures 17. New Process! 18. Unit wired 19. Diagnostics* On a daily basis 20. Summary Proactive (testing) Routine (testing) Prevents (outages) Provides (continuity) 21. Thank-you!