Components of Sunbird Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

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Sunbird DCIMComponents of Sunbirds Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Sunbird DCIMThe following components are the characteristics of a comprehensive Sunbird DCIM solution:Enterprise Class MonitoringComplete Asset Inventory InformationMultiple Ways to Visualize and Report on DataChange and Workflow ManagementPower Chain and Physical ConnectivityComprehensive Models Library

Enterprise Class Monitoringa) Monitors threshold b) Collects datac) Generates alerts across multiple data centers for:Intelligent Rack PDUsFloor PDUsRemote Power Panels (RPPs)BuswaysUPSCRACs Environmental sensorsComplies with SNMP, ModBus, and BacNet Protocols

Complete Asset and Inventory InformationProvides inventory information from: RacksServersStorageNetwork EquipmentPower ChainApplications

Also provides:Relationships between IT and Facilities EquipmentMap of physical port level between each device

Multiple Ways to Visualize and Report on DataDifferent ways to visualize data center asset information may include:DashboardTrends chartReportsFloor layouts planRack and Row ElevationsColor-coded statusHigh resolution Visio-like fronts Back equipment diagrams

Change and Workflow ManagementAllows creation of systematic workflows that Support: ModelingPlanningTicketingWork ManagementApprovalsAuditing

This facilitates:Multiple User Roles across multiple data centersHigher ProductivityAccurate DCIM Database

Power Chain and Physical ConnectivityTracks physical connectivity across power chain and cable/data networkValidates connectivity prior to provisioning of equipmentSimplifies troubleshooting and maintenanceMaps physical relationships between floor PDUs, branch circuit panels, UPS and CRAC units

Comprehensive Models LibraryThis component allows for cross-referencing and continuous updates of:30,000+ smart modelsAcross 450+ manufacturersIn 13 categories of physical mediaOver 10 protocolsIn 25+ network speedsAcross 250+ com and power connectors

Characteristics of a Good DCIM ArchitectureFlexible to customer's needsRight components to tackle real world data center issuesLeverages and integrates existing dataService Desk and Help Desk ToolsTicketing and Reporting Systems

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