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DCIM Struxureware Schneider Electric Datacenter Infrastructure Management

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DCIM by Detron

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Energy efficiency

Expect energy savings on all levels of technology, services & consultancy

Extreme energy saving-technology will be used for servers to control the big data flow

Leading ICT Trend for 2012

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DCIM Definition

A data center infrastructure management (DCIM) system collects and manages information about a datacenter’s assets, resource use and operational status.

This information is then distributed, integrated, analyzed and applied in ways that help managers meet business and service-

oriented goals and optimize

their datacenter’s performance.

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Collect data



Act Optimize for efficiency

Fix expected failures

Build or buy capacity

DCIM in Action

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Overview with DCIM

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Improve energy efficiency with DCIM

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Advise where to place new equipment

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Impact analysis

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Airflow analysis

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IT Optimize

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Good quality is a no brainer

Flexibility is the big match between our customer and us

But what makes us special according to our customers:

Ability to solve problems

ReliabilityActing from client interest


Acting as strategic partner

Why Detron?

Detron is Schneider Electrics 1st certified DCIM partner worldwide

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DCIM - Efficient Datacenter Management