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1.Creating Collaborative Projects in Elementary Content Areas Kristin Hokanson, 3 rdGrade Teacher Maggie Caverly, Elementary Librarian ROBERTS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Upper Merion Area School District2. Technology with elementary students can be difficult HOWEVER It is a POWERFUL medium because Kids learn from what they watch They learn MORE by creating It engages students It is an easy way for kids to convey what they have learned It presents a cohesive summary of the project, whatever it may be.... 3. Digital storytelling projects lend themselves to elementary.... Children are often bursting to tell their stories, and many teachers want to help them to become good storytellers.Pushes the kids from learning the information to applying what they have learned. At the heart of digital storytelling is writing, kids become better writers by telling their stories.4. Objectives: Introduce some ideas for simple elementary projects. Showcase programs that can be used to integrate technology. Provide examples of successful elementary projects. Resources for more information. 5. Photo Story Showcase Student Writing ** Who are we?Open House Introduction ** Country Projects ** Processstart with template ( PPT ** ) Gather Information Tell the story ** Material is protected and links cannot be viewed from web-based download 6. Microsoft Producer for PowerPoint PowerPoint is a great way to direct research for different topics.We have used PowerPoint for U.S. state research, country reports, animal research and biographies. The Producer add on allows you to: Add digital video clips fromUnited Streamingor the Internet databases onPower Library Add 2 different audio tracks Add videos (photo story) of related pictures and photographs Digital video clips of a childs narration of their research.EXAMPLES 7. Other Applications for Elementary Kidspiration Check out the Kidspiration: In the Classroomwebsitefor great examples Fracturing fairy tales Rock reports Planet Research Timeliner Check out the Timeline: User Resourceswebsitefor great examples Biography Projects 8. More Information & Templates Project Templates from Roberts Go to Library: Technology Projects 2007 Graphic Organizer Templates Other good Resources


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