Collaborative Projects Elementary Content Areas

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  • 1.Creating Collaborative Projects in Elementary Content Areas Kristin Hokanson, 3 rdGrade Teacher Maggie Caverly, Elementary Librarian ROBERTS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Upper Merion Area School District

2. Technology with elementary students can be difficult

  • It is a POWERFUL medium because
    • Kids learn from what they watch
    • They learn MORE by creating
    • It engages students
    • It is an easy way for kids to convey what they have learned
    • It presents a cohesive summary of the project, whatever it may be....

3. Digital storytelling projects lend themselves to elementary....

  • Children are often bursting to tell their stories, and many teachers want to help them to become good storytellers.
  • Pushes the kids from learning the information to applying what they have learned.
  • At the heart of digital storytelling is writing, kids become better writers by telling their stories.

4. Objectives:

  • Introduce some ideas for simple elementary projects.
  • Showcase programs that can be used to integrate technology.
  • Provide examples of successful elementary projects.
  • Resources for more information.

5. Photo Story

  • Showcase Student Writing **
  • Who are we?
    • Open House Introduction **
  • Country Projects **
    • Processstart with template ( PPT ** )
    • Gather Information
    • Tell the story

** Material is protected and links cannot be viewed from web-based download 6. Microsoft Producer for PowerPoint

  • PowerPoint is a great way to direct research for different topics.
  • We have used PowerPoint for U.S. state research, country reports, animal research and biographies.
  • The Producer add on allows you to:
    • Add digital video clips fromUnited Streamingor the Internet databases onPower Library
    • Add 2 different audio tracks
    • Add videos (photo story) of related pictures and photographs
    • Digital video clips of a childs narration of their research.

7. Other Applications for Elementary

  • Kidspiration
  • Check out the Kidspiration: In the Classroomwebsitefor great examples
    • Fracturing fairy tales
    • Rock reports
    • Planet Research
  • Timeliner
  • Check out the Timeline: User Resourceswebsitefor great examples
    • Biography Projects

8. More Information & Templates

  • Project Templates from Roberts
  • Go to Library: Technology Projects 2007
  • Graphic Organizer Templates
  • Other good Resources