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  • 1. CMBB Away Day 17 August 2012 th Potential forMarine Researchin MalaysiaHamish Mair

2. Malaysia and part of SE Asia region CMBB Away Day 17th 3. Places visited in KL/Putrajaya National Oceanography Directorate (NOD)Ministry of Science, Technology and Department of Marine Park Malaysia University Campus, Malaysia 4. The Institute of Ocean and Earth Sciences(IOES) University of Malaya 5. INOS is among the oldest and most established Marine andOceanography research institute in Malaysia. 1979 - Started as a Marine Science Station of the Facultyof Fisheries and Marine Sc. UPM 2001 - Accorded official status by the MalaysianGovernment after recommendation by theIntergovernmental Oceanographic Commission ofUNESCO. 2012 - Centre of Excellence inHigher Education (HICoE) forOceanography and the Environment 6. Administrativeand laboratory building 7. 12 Marine Research Stations under INOS:1. SEATRU, CHAGAR HUTANG, PULAU REDANG2. WETLAND RESEARCH STATION, SETIU 8. Wetland Research Station 9. CHAGAR HUTANG TURTLE SANCTUARY,PULAU REDANGProject Site of SEATRU INOS/UMT (1993 Present) 10. SCS Repository & Reference Center Number of Specimens Fishes (Species : 320-350 ; Individuals : 4900) Reptilia (Species : 10; Individuals : 50) Cnidarians (Sea fan collection : Species : 9; Individuals : 104) Molluscs (Species : 83; Individuals : 413) Echinoderms (Species : 4; Individuals : 36) Sponges : (Species : 17; Individuals : 244) Total Number of Species : 450 - 500 species; Total Number of Individual : 5500 - 6000 specimens 11. MARINE PORTAL DATABASE CENTERMarine Portal and UMT South China Sea Natural Marine Geo-spatial Data Data Archiving and History Museum Analysis and Visualization Distribution Centre CentreDatabase Oceanographic Buoy Data Acquisition SystemsData in-situ Real time Transmission in-situ Data Oceanographic BuoySatellite DataExternal data sources (Ground Sampling) 12. Satellite Receiving Station( SUOMI NPP & MODIS)SUOMI NPP MODIS 13. Scientific Echo Sounder (max. depth 3000 m)Rosette Water Sampler with CTDExpendable CTD (XBT)Piston Corer ( Up to 3 meter)Smith McIntyre Grab (0.2 m2)Marine CCTVADCP 14. DISCOVERY I DISCOVERY IIPrincipal ParticularPrincipal ParticularLength : 15.90m Length : 16.00mBeam : 3.50mBeam : 4.05mDraft: 1.10mDraft: 2.15mSpeed: 9.00ktsSpeed: 10.00ktsGRT: 27.45t GRT: 43tMain Engine: 165HP (Yanmar) Main Engine: 300HP (Cummin)F.O Capacity : 1400ltrs F.O Capacity : 4000ltrsF.W Capacity : 1000ltrs 15. DISCOVERY IIIDISCOVERY VII 16. 25-20 Sept 2002 2-7 April 20039-17 October 2003 4-12 April 20046-12 October 2004 1-10 Mac 2005 17. SOUTH CHINA SEA EXPEDITION MARCH 2007 18. NATIONAL SCIENTIFIC EXPEDITION (SULU-SULAWESI) 2009 INOS UMT: LEAD AGENCY 19. RESEARCH ON FISH BEHAVIOR ATARTIFICIAL REEFS (2008-2009) 20. EVALUATING THE STATUS OF ARTIFICIAL REEFS IN TERENGGANU WATERS (2008-2010) 21. Geological Study of SCS in VietnamWaters with Kiel University, Germany. 22. The Potential Application forRazakSATTMRoadExtraction NDVIChlorophyll-aBathymetry 23. MANGROVE RESEARCH UNIT Mangrove Nursery programResearch activitiesNira Nipah (Nypa fruticans) productionInventory samplingPhenology researchBiodiversity ofInvertebrates - SetiuWetland (Plankton,Brychurian Crab,Bivalve, Gastropod)MangroveReplantingProgramBook:Mangrove ofTerengganu 2ndedition(in editingprocessCollaboration with Department of ForestryMalaysia 24. CONSERVATION RESEARCH OUTREACH Long-term sea turtle Tagging & Volunteer Programmonitoring, tagging Monitoring Sea (April October; since 1998)and in-situ egg Turtle Populationincubation (1993 Genetics study Nest/Turtle Adoptionpresent) Satellite tracking (throughout the year) Photo- identification 7,206 nests were RFID Turtle Camps (for theprotectedschool kids at Redang; since 1996) >450,000 hatchlingsproduced School visits (Average 20 visits/year) Local & International schools Exhibitions & Talks (8 10 times per year) Funding acquired in 2011: Volunteer Program:RM67,620 Volunteer Program: Nest/Turtle Adoption: RM6,900 Local participants: 90% Endowments: RM107,388 International participants: 10% 25. Scientific Expedition - Marine Park Island of Terengganu(May & June 2012) Perhentian Redang & Lang TengahBidongYu Besar & Yu KecilCollaboration withDepartment of Marine Parks MalaysiaKapas Tenggol 26. MONITORING OF MERCURYAT OIL PLATFORM AREA (2007)Customer : Talisman (M) Sdn Bhd.Project Cost RM 1.5 million 27. Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) RemappingExercise (2010)Customer : PetronasProject Cost RM 1.8 million 28. BENTHIC COMMUNITY STUDIES AT WEST BELUMUT (BLOCK PM323) OFFSHORE Terengganu- 2011Customer : Newfield MalaysiaProject Cost RM 415 K 29. Environmental Baseline Survey - 2011 (Blocks PM308A, PM308B, PM307, SB303 and SB305)Customer : Lundin Malaysia BVProject Cost RM 370 K 30. Postgraduate4 InternationalInos sponsored Criteria 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012Number of Postgraduates AttachedPh.D889 13 15 31 - (Ph.D, Masters) M.Sc 31 34 47 69 71 131- Ph.D200138 13 Number of Postgraduatesenrolled INOS (Ph.D, Masters) M.Sc 29 31 35 52 52 56 47 31. Oceanographic Training for NAVY (2011) 32. VIDEO MONITORING OF CORAL REEFS:Coral Video Transect Training Workshop 1st Series : September 2011 2nd Series : April 2012 Coral Video Transect Handbook (in progress)Collaboration withDepartment of Marine Parks Malaysia 33. MOUNO.INTERNATIONALDATE 1East Carolina University2006 2007 & 2008 - 2013 2Institute Of Geosciences (IfG), Cristian-Albrechts-Universitaet (CAU),2003 2008 &Kiel, Germany2008 2013 3Kagoshima University, Japan. Plan Of Operation On Base Of MoU 2009 2012 &Between Kagoshima University (Concerning International Training 2012 -2017Program) 2009 - 2012 4National Oceanography Centre & University Of Southampton, United To be signedKingdom 5FIRST INSTITUTE OF OCEANOGRAPHY, CHINAIn ProgressNO.NATIONALDATE 1Hera Alam Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd.2004 2009 & 2010 - 2012 2Government Of Malaysia (MOSTI - NOD) 2009 - 2014 3TAMAN LAUT To be signed 4ATSB In Progress 5JABATAN MINERAL GEOSAINS To be signed 34. SELECTED COLLABORATIONEnvironmental Baseline Survey (Lundin Petroleum)Assessment on Benthic Community(Newfield Exploration)Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) Mapping(Petronas PMU)Mangrove Replanting (Forestry Department)Ocean Forecasting System (FIO, China)Coral Reef Monitoring Program (Marine Park)Marine Awareness Program (NOD) 35. FULLTIME INOS 1) RESEARCHER - 10 2) ADMINISTRATIVE - 11 3) RESEARCH SUPPORT STAFF - 25SECONDED STAFF ADJUNCT PROF 1) DR. V.R. VIJAYAN1) PROF. DR. MOHD LOKMAN 2) DATO DR. ABD. RAHMAN B. HUSAIN - FMSMABD. RAHIM2) DR. ZAINUDIN BACHOK -FMSM 3) DATO DR. AHMAD SABIRIN B.3) ASSOC. PROF. DR HII YII SIANGARSHAD- FPAI 4) DR. SUKARNO WAGIMAN4) DR. JUANITA JOSEPH DUAL APPOINTEE 1) ASSOC. PROF. DR SUHAIMIRESEARCH FELLOWSSURATMAN - FST 2) LOY KAK CHOON - FST ASSOCIATE1) DR KLAUS SCHWARZER 3) ASSOC. PROF. DR. WAN 2) DR BEHARA SATYANARAYANAIZZATUL TALAAT FPE MEMBERSEtc.33(FACULTY MEMBERS FROMFMSM, FST,FPE,FPAI,FASM,FPS) 36. INOS ACADEMIC STAFF FULL TIMENONAMEFIELD Contact1ASSOC. PROF. DR. AIDY @Remote Sensing, GIS MOHAMED SHAWAL BIN M MUSLIM2ASSOC. PROF. SULONG BINMangrove Ecology IBRAHIM3DR. VIKRANT JOHN VEDAMANIKAM Aquatic Pollution4DR. JARINA BINTI MOHD JANI Social Oceanography5DR. AGUS KARTONO Ocean Modeling6DR. MOHD SUFFIAN BIN IDRIS Remote Sensing Appliication7DR. PETER ROBERTSON PARHAM Marine Geology8MEII BIN MOHAMAD NORIZAM * Ecosystem Modeling9YUSRI BIN YUSUF *Coral Reef Fish10 NURUL HUDA BINTI AHMAD ISHAK Zooplankton * * Study leave 37. Director Deputy Director Laboratory / Station /Admin and FinanceCenter / Units BUDGET,PHYSICAL &SATELLITE CHEMICAL BIOLOGYICAL STAFF & GEOLOGICAL OCEANOGRAPHY & OCEANOGRAPHY &OCEANOGRAPHY &HUMAN RSOURCESOCEANOGRAPHY MARINEMARINE POLLUTIONBIODIVERSITY LAB INFORMATIC LAB LABLAB SETIU WETLAND PULAU REDANG MARINE PORTALSCS REPOSITORY & SCANNING ELECTRONSTATION STATION (SEATRU) DATABASE CENTER REFERENCE CENTERMICROSCOPE (SEM) UNIT 38. LABORATORIES 39. Physical and Geological Oceanography LaboratoryHead: Focus on 2011-2012Prof. Dr. Mohd Lokman bin Husain/ 1. Ocean floor bed form and Dr. Mohd Fadzil Akhir classification as indicator of shoreline morphology and Assoc Researcher:1) Mr. Loy Kak Chun (FST)development.2) APDr. Zamri bin Ibrahim (FST)2. Waves and currents of the SCS3) Dr. Ilyani binti Abdullah (FST)(Terengganu)4) Dr. Fatimah Noor binti Harun (FST)5) AP. Dr. Khalid bin Samo (FST)6) Dr. Md.Fadzil bin Akhir (FMSM) Major Equipments7) Dr. Fadli bin Ahmad (FMSM)1.Dual Frequecy Side Scan Sonar8) AP Dr. Rosnan Yaacob (FMSM) 2. Sub Bottom Profiler9) Dr. Peter Robertson Parham 3. Remote Operator vehicle 4. Bathymetry System 5. Acoustic Wave & AcousticCurrent & ADCP Adjunct ProfessorRemoteOperating Vehicle Dr. V.R Vijayan(Jab. Mineral & Geosains)Students: MASTER 10 PHD - 4Theme: Side Scan * Seafloor Morphology, Wave/Circulation of the SCS; Sonar * Malaysian Ocean Forecasting System (SEAGOOS Project);* Ocean Renewable Energy (SIRIM/MOSTI) 40. Biological Oceanography & Biodiversity Laboratory Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Head:Dr. Zainudin Theme: bin Bachok Theme:Seafloor Mapology and Current and Wave Coral Reef Health, Distribution and StudyLecturer: Ecology; Dr. Juanita JosephSea Turtle Research and Conservation; Main Power Dr. Jarina Mohd Jani Mangrove Research and Habitat AP Sulong Ibrahim Lecturec (3) Rehabilitation Science Officer (1) Assoc Researcher: (1) Assit.Science Officer 1) AP Dr. Siti Aishah Abdullah 2) AP Liew Hock Chark Focus on 2010-2011 Focus - 2011-2012 3) AP Dr. Saifullah Arifin Jaaman 4) Dr. Razak ZakariyaCoral Reef Monitoring Program 5) Dr. Hing Lee Siangseafloor marplo