Cloud computing in education

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  • 1.Cloud Computing in EducationKySTE 2011
    Michael Wlosinski
    Kentucky Educational Development Corporation

2. 3. What is The Cloud?
Why The Cloud?
What Are the Concerns?
Where Are We Going With It?
Q & A / Sharing
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4. What is The Cloud?
Cloud Computing offers the ability to access software or information that can be delivered over the internet, on demand, without the need to store it locally.
5. Examples of Cloud Resources
Social Networking
Photo Editing and Image Albums
Digital Video
Document Creation and Editing
Interactive Topic Sites
Remote PC Access
Course Work
etc, etc, etc..
Sky Drive
Live Binders
Amazon Simple Storage
Media Fire
etc, etc, etc..
6. Why The Cloud?
7. #1
8. Accessibility and Collaboration
9. Concerns of Using the Cloudor
10. Cloudcerns
Security, Privacy, and
What did the provider do to secure the service?
How reliable is the service?
Does the provider performs back ups and are they accessible?
Can other people access the information?
Location of where the service is housed.
11. Cloudcerns
Federal Regulations (Education)
Childrens Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
Child Online Protection Act (COPA)
Organization-Owned vs. Provider-Owned Sites
12. Where Are We Going?
13. Cyber Citizenship
Providing an environment of expected social, ethical, responsible, and legal use of the web and web-based resources
14. Cyber Citizenship
Education:What makes a responsible digital citizen?
Monitor, Supervise, and Consequences
Parental and Family Involvement
ISTE(web pages, research, and resource books!)
Physical Classroom Environment / Guest Speakers
District Web Sites
Student Hand Books
15. Options in Education
(open-source course management system)
Organization controlled intranets via The Cloud
Cloud supplied proxy systems
16. Q & A / Sharing
Shameless Plugs
KEDC Mini Tech Conference
June 21st, Ashland