cloud computing- basics(types,examples,important terms)

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Text of cloud computing- basics(types,examples,important terms)

By , Simreen Woolridge

Welcome to the New World ofCloud Computing


By ,Simreen Woolridge

What is cloud? Where is the cloud? Are we in the cloud now?

What is cloud computing?Cloud Computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive with an online connection, cloud computing can be done anywhere, anytime.

How are we using the cloud?

Essential characteristics

Cloud architecture-service models

E.g. Infrastructure service platform storage

Current LeadersKey Players in Cloud Computing Platforms CompanyCloud Computing PlatformYear of LaunchKey OfferingAmazon.comAWS (Amazon Web Services)2006Infrastructure as a service (Storage Computing), Datasets and Content DistributionMicrosoftAzure2009Application platform as a service (.Net, SQL data services )GoogleGoogle App. Engine2008Web Application Platform as ServiceIBM Salesforce.comBlue Cloud Force.com2008Proprietary 4GL Web application as an demand platform

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Cloud Storage ComparisonStorage Service Comparison on a Annual BasisService ProviderFreeFirst Payment tierSecond Payment tierAmazon5GB20GB ($10)50GB ($25)Apple iCloud5GB25GB ($40)50GB ($100)Box5GB25GB ($120)50GB ($240)Drop box2GB100GB ($100)200GB ($200)Google Drive5GB25GB ($30)100GB ($60)Microsoft SkyDrive7GB27GB ($10)57GB ($25)Mega50GB400GB ($120)2TB ($240)

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Google cloud platform

Deployment models

Advantages and disadvantages

Present status

The growth of cloud computing

Re-allocate IT expenditures

DATACENTER COSTSDeploy10%Operate25%Support10%Facilities7%Network 11%SW9%HW23%50%Labor ExpenseCloud Computing reducesLabor costsCloud Computing reducesFacilities, Network,Hardware, Software maintenance costsPlan5%20%80%

50%Other ExpensesMost companies today spend roughly 80% of their IT budget on operations and maintenance.


It is clear that although the use of cloud computing , has rapidly increased , cloud computing security is still considered the major issue in the cloud computing environment. Customers do not want to lose their private information as a result of malicious insiders in the cloud. In addition ,the loss of service availability has caused many problems for a large number of customers recently.

ContinuedCloud Computing is in a period of strong growth, but this technology is still has some issues of security and somewhat it is immature. Government Technology Research Alliance (GTRA) research showed that the most common concern about implementing Cloud Computing technology was security.

The real value of cloud computing is that it makes your library related software and data available transparently and everywhere including in latest available smart phone devices.

We are all aware, country like India faced problems like digital divide and off course very low internet bandwidth. So, benefit of new technology can be reached to limited area of educational area.

But definitely, over a period of time Cloud Computing will become the most promising technology in next few years.

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