Business Model Design for Transmedia Storytelling

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<ol><li> 1. Business Model Designfor Transmedia Storytelling Lina SrivastavaStoryCode | Film Society of Lincoln Center 5 June 2012 </li><li> 2. What Is a Business Model? A business model is the story of how value is created,delivered, and captured.-- Saul Kaplan, The Business Model Innovation FactoryBusiness Model Design | Transmedia </li><li> 3. Business Model Design | Transmedia </li><li> 4. Business Model Design | Transmedia </li><li> 5. Business Model Design | Transmedia </li><li> 6. Transmedia Storytelling: Industry Value PropositionsDesignStorytelling and Narrative PlatformsInteraction and ParticipationBusiness Model Design | Transmedia </li><li> 7. Narrative Platforms:Types of Business Models+ For-profit Companies+ Nonprofit Organizations+ Storyworlds+ Campaigns+ ProjectsBusiness Model Design | Transmedia </li><li> 8. + For-profit CompaniesBusiness Model Design | Transmedia </li><li> 9. + For-profit Companies Business Model Design | Transmedia </li><li> 10. + Non-profit OrganizationsBusiness Model Design | Transmedia </li><li> 11. + StoryworldsBusiness Model Design | Transmedia </li><li> 12. + CampaignsBusiness Model Design | Transmedia </li><li> 13. + ProjectsLakou MizikBusiness Model Design | Transmedia </li><li> 14. Using Transmedia to Create Social Impact AudiencesCommunitiesIssue Awareness Engagement Action ChangeActionable ContentStory UniverseBusiness Model Design | Transmedia </li><li> 15. Business Model Design | Transmedia </li><li> 16. Lakou MizikContent Production+ Lakou Mizik music+ Lakou Mizik webisodes+ Lakou Mizik SessionsDistribution platforms+ Album+ Concert film shot in a classic Haitian outdoor Lakou+ Website: music discovery and marketplace for musicians+ Short-form interactive documentary films on featured musicians+ LM episodes (downloadable song, short film+music video)+ Media for television and film festivals+ LM Collective music tour both in Haiti and internationally+ Dedicated YouTube channel+ SoundCloud (download, streaming, remix) Business Model Design | Transmedia </li><li> 17. Lakou MizikSocial Action+ Tangibles:Culture RegenerationEconomic DevelopmentCommunity Vibrancy | Leave Behinds++ Direct paths to action++ Lakou Mizik Marketplace++ Lakou Mizik Studio++ Education, Training, Networking+ Intangibles: Awareness-Raising:++"Positive awareness" + "empathy": Shifting the narrative to amore positive picture of Haiti++ Cohesive picture of systemic change, through musiciansstories about issues in their communitiesBusiness Model Design | Transmedia </li><li> 18. Lakou MizikAudiences | Fans: + Haitians in-country + Haitian Diaspora + Fans of World music + Fans of Caribbean music + Arts/activism + People who helped post- earthquake and who need to reengageBusiness Model Design | Transmedia </li><li> 19. Lakou MizikBusiness Model Design | Transmedia </li><li> 20. + Funding Models Business Model Design | Transmedia </li><li> 21. Lina Srivastava Model Design | Transmedia</li></ol>