Bizness Apps Webinar - 11/14/12

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Bizness Apps Webinar - 11/14/12

Text of Bizness Apps Webinar - 11/14/12

  • 1. Andrew Gazdecki CEO at Bizness Apps& Carlos CarranzaReseller Success Team

2. Webinar Overview Company overview 5 reasons to work with Bizness Apps New features preview Bizness CRM demonstration Bizness Apps demonstration Mobile Sales Q&A 3. Bizness Apps Overview #1 mobile platform in the world Power over ~1% of the total apps in iTunes Create beautiful apps for iPhone & Android Create premium HTML5 mobile websites Awesome white label resale program Based in San Francisco, CA 4. 5 Reasons To Work With Bizness Apps AWESOME customer support team We power 10,000+ iPhone apps globally Free & unlimited Android apps andMobile websites included Extremely easy to use & robust platform Tools to help you sell (Bizness CRM)Your success is our success! 5. Reservation Tab Redesign 6. Email Photo Tab Redesign 7. Contact Tab Redesign 8. Newsletter Tab Redesign 9. Fan Wall Tab Redesign 10. Tip Calculator Tab Redesign 11. Other Designs Coming Soon 12. Other Designs Coming Soon 13. Other New Features Coming Soon 4 New Layouts (demo) Music Tab Redesigned Info Tab Redesigned Mortgage Redesigned News Tab Coming likely next week 14. Log into Bizness CRM: 15. Have some questions for us?Check out our help desk:http://biznessapps.desk.comOr view our video tutorials: email questions to 16. Thanks for joining!Check us out: