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Presentation for the Chicago School of Data Days.


<ul><li> 1. Being openOpen SourceChicago School of DataSeptember 19, 20141@danxoneil @smartchicago</li></ul> <p> 2. Points@danxoneil @smartchicago Smart Chicago Open means open It doesnt remove ownership, it heightens it Brand URL Concepts Examples in my own lifeSeptember 19, 2014 2 3. Our PrinciplesTechnologyOpenEveryoneChicagoSeptember 19, 2014 3 4. @danxoneil @smartchicagoPhilosophy: technology; open We are about technology Everything we do relates to technology. We are of andabout the Internet We believe in the transformative power of the Internet tochange lives and build the economy for all We are open We are a small organization looking to make the biggestimpact possible. We cant do that by being tight or closed We work in the open, using &amp; publishing open sourcetechnology We have methods for others allowed in, whether ascontributors, observers, users, whateverSeptember 19, 2014 4 5. @danxoneil @smartchicagoPhilosophy: everyone; Chicago We seek to be of use to everyone We believe in the power of the network The network needs everyone in it to bepowerful We work on solutions that cover the entire city We focus on Chicago Our middle name We do seek to scale our solutions, but notwithout serving ChicagoSeptember 19, 2014 5 6. Open means openSeptember 19, 2014 6 7. Its hard@danxoneil @smartchicago Because you have to listen to people Which means you have to have methodsfor thatSeptember 19, 2014 7 8. @danxoneil @smartchicagoAnd then you have to listen Respond to what you hear And modify your operationsSeptember 19, 2014 8 9. OwnershipSeptember 19, 2014 9 10. @danxoneil @smartchicagoDo you think you can ownsomething made on open sourcecode?September 19, 2014 10 11. @danxoneil @smartchicagoHave you ever usedWordPress? That is open source code And it has an open frameworkSeptember 19, 2014 11 12. @danxoneil @smartchicagoBut you own your website The URL, the brand, the trade dress, thething itselfSeptember 19, 2014 12 13. CCT owns these URLsSeptember 19, 2014 13 14. @danxoneil @smartchicagoAll of these and more.September 19, 2014 14 15. OK lets talk a little less about code.September 19, 2014 15 16. @danxoneil @smartchicago38,000 photos. For free. Not code, but owned Use it!September 19, 2014 16 17. @danxoneil @smartchicagoEven this guy. @mayoremanuel AtlanticSeptember 19, 2014 17 18. @danxoneil @smartchicagoAtlantic Mag. For free. Because its fun And I control itSeptember 19, 2014 18 19. Moar@danxoneil @smartchicago Theres always more @danxoneil (773) 960-6045 doneil@cct.orgSeptember 19, 2014 19 </p>