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Projects today are generating information into the terabytes. According to a Fiatech Industry Survey, 62% of industry participants think that disparate data volumes impact their efficiency in managing projects. They saw their greatest challenges as finding the right information when it is needed, collecting the information needed from multiple parties, and managing the distribution of information to other parties. Hear from Asite as they present how to bridge the multi-party collaboration gap and assist with the growing size and management of data using their Adoddle platform. Asites cloud technology gives everyone involved in construction projects access to key information online; allowing for increased collaboration, fewer mistakes, reduced rework, and time and cost savings. Microsol Resources is proud to be an Asite reseller for the architectural design, engineering and construction industries.

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  • 1. Asite Platform for Cloud-BasedConstruction Management

2. Asite Adoddle OverviewSecure Collaboration in the Cloud.Adoddle delivers online information management services to the world'smost demanding businesses and government organisations to help theirteams work together more efficiently and effectively.Online collaboration allows organisations to share and manageinformation in one secure central location that helps to grow any businessby applying a Common Data Environment (CDE) methodology. 3. Asite Adoddle OverviewSecure Collaboration in the Cloud.Asite was launched in June 2001 and was established by renownedindividuals from key organisations including Sir John Egan whom was theAsite Chairman. Sir John Egan wrote the Rethinking Construction whitepaper for UK government which paved the way for dramatic improvements inthe way the Construction Industry operates.At present Asite is being used by over 200,000 users across the globe and isdelivering bottom line gains of up to 2% on construction projects.Press below to watcha Video 4. Selected Asite CustomersEnterprise Framework 5 Year Framework 5 Year Framework 5 Year Framework 5 Year Framework 5. Europes Largest Construction ProjectCrossrail is one of the largest singleinfrastructure investments undertaken inthe UK with a construction value of 19billion.Crossrail represents a real commitmentto the development of new services totackle the lack of capacity and congestionon the existing network.Building the new railway involvesconstructing eight new stations in centralLondon and Docklands and upgradingmany existing stations. The new railwaywill cover 74 miles of track including 30miles of new twin-bore rail tunnel. 6. Greater London Authority / TfLTransport for London and the Greater LondonAuthority including the Metropolitan Police, theLondon Development Agency and the LondonFire and Emergency Planning Authorityimplemented Asite Contract AdministrationManagement System.Asite's technology provides TfL and the GLAwith a single integrated data managementsolution for all aspects of the contractadministration process across their significanton-going portfolio of construction and facilitiesmanagement works to manage contractchange and to provide real-time visibility oftheir actual schedule and cost position againstbudget. 7. UK Environment Agency adopts AsitePlatformAsite's Adoddle platform enables theEnvironment Agency's internal and externalproject team members to work together moreeffectively by: Storing and controlling all project documents. Helping users through key project processessuch as business case submission. Automating key contract administration taskssuch as fee note processing. Replacing the Extranet as an electronic storefor templates and guidance. Making it easier to share best practice andexamples. The ability to report across the breadth of theservice. 8. New Generation Rolling StockBombardier Transportation appointed Asitefor the Queensland Governments NewGeneration Rolling Stock (NGR) projectwhich will see a significant increase to thetrain fleet to meet the growing demand forrail services in south-east Queensland,Australia.Queensland Government signed a $4.4billion deal with Bombardier NGRConsortium for 75 new six-car trains. Theproject is the largest single investment byQueensland in trains and demonstratesthe governments commitment to publictransport in south-east Queensland. 9. Large infrastructure upgrade programNovo Rail is an alliance of Transport for NSWto deliver a substantial portfolio ofinfrastructure work across Sydneys local railnetwork.The range of work being safely delivered byNovo Rail includes the upgrade and re-energisingof rail signalling and powersystems to accommodate the introduction ofthe new Waratah trains.The projects generally fall within fivecategories: junctions, traction supplyupgrades, stabling, overhead wiring and railsignalling/]. 10. High-speed link between Hong Kong andMainland ChinaMass Transit Railway (MTR) appointed Asite forthe rapid transit railway system in Hong Kong.The railway network consists of nine urbanlines, one Airport Express line which connects theAirport and downtown, one light rail system with12 routes serving the northwest New Territories,and one tourist cable car system. In addition, itincludes MTR feeder bus service and intercitypassenger transfer.There are 84 railway stations and 68 light railstops connecting Hong Kong Island, Kowloon andmany new districts. 11. Network Rails Upgrade ProjectsNetwork Rail appointed Asite as the solution for theGNGE Alliances program of works in support of theECML Capacity Relief.The Alliance was geared up to deliver a multi-millionRail Upgrade Project and incorporates the introductionof new signaling and level crossing technologies ontothe rail infrastructure.This Project brought benefits to both rural passengertraffic and freight movements due to increasedcapacity, frequency and line speed. The migration ofthe freight movements will bring further benefit byallowing additional passenger traffic to operate on theECML. 12. New Generation of Nuclear Power StationsThe EDF Energy project and all of itsassociated developments are known asHinkley Point C.Hinkley Point C will be the first in a newgeneration of UK nuclear power stations,marking a significant moment in therevitalisation of the UKs nuclear powerindustry. 13. Power Networks throughout the UKUKPN own and maintain electricity cablesand lines across London, the South Eastand East of England making sure lightsstay on.UKPN maintain and upgrade powerequipment and move and connect newelectricity cables. 14. Project success is dependent on successful communicationEngineerArchitectMaterials SupplierClientMaintenanceGeneral ContractorSub ContractorI.T. Dept. 15. Asite manages communication throughout the entire Project lifecycleEngineerArchitectMaterials SupplierPre-ConstructionClientDesignMaintenanceConstructionClose-OutGeneral ContractorSub ContractorI.T. Dept.Facilities Management 16. How do our clients benefit by using Adoddle?Time SavingCost ReductionRiskControl 17. Graphical DashboardDashboard Widgets with drill-down capabilityFederated Search across your project portfolioFavorites to get to key information quickly 18. Design & Construction DrawingsOnline collaboration for Design and Construction drawingsManage your contractor and consultant co-ordinationprocessesTracking in your Common Data Environment 19. SubmittalsFully automated workflow mechanism for submittalsLink approved submittals to contractor foldersOnline mark-up and collaborationOnline Stamps within submittals to maintain your existing ways ofworking 20. Company DirectoryOnline and real-time Company Directory to track your supplychainCapture company information, Cost Codes, Company Contacts 21. Company Directory (contd)Centralised management of Cost CodesTag each Company with configurable attributes for classification &searching 22. Project DirectoryManage your list of approved suppliers for each projectAssign Cost Codes and Attributes applicable for your project needsCapture Supplier-specific Insurance information includingcertificates 23. Project Portfolio ManagementReal-time dashboard view across all your Capital projectsRed, Amber, Green signals show visual status for yourprojects 24. Project Portfolio ManagementEasy drill-down to detailed Activities for each project stageVisibility of Portfolio containing projects spread acrossvarious geographical locations 25. Project Portfolio ManagementManage your Portfolio risks across your Capital projectsEasy tracking of projects with individual milestones 26. Project Portfolio ManagementManage your Health & Safety onlineRate your Suppliers and track improvements 27. Project Portfolio ManagementTrack expenditure against detailed cost plansMatch your Expenditure Vs Baseline BudgetTrack Funds for your Project needs 28. Request for Proposal (RFP)Robust and secure online RFP processOnline submission of Invitation to Bid (ITB) to multipleSuppliersOnline submission of Bid Response 29. Meeting MinutesOnline capture of Meeting Minutes and actionsFacilitates capturing re-occurring meeting information with easeTracking all Meeting Actions online 30. RFIs / NCRsOnline collaboration using Request for InformationAutomated Workflows and Action trackingOnline Non Conformance Report (NCR) TrackingEasy access to information for Architects and Consultants 31. ReportingOnline Reporting capability on click of a button 32. Adoddle FieldManage unlimitedfolders and filesView over 300different 2D fileformatsView 3DModel filesOnline Mark-upand saveCommentsSnags / RFIs 33. Mobility - cMOBSimplified cMOB user InterfaceImproved graphical displayClick through on the entire area (Designed for Fat Fingers)