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  • why asana?Currently Ive been receiving sales tasks from you guys in the following ways:

    My Google Sheet Email In Person (Meeting or

    Walkup) Probably some other

    miscellaneous ways Im forgetting.

    tl;dr Im receiving relevant information from disparate sources.

  • why asana?Asana has the following features:

    Task creation Subtasks, if necessary

    File attachment Comments Assign to [user] Assign [Due Date] and more Im probably


    tl;dr Asana centralizes all data into 1 APP.This keeps me sane.

  • creating a task

    Go into the Sales Project folder.

  • creating a task

    Click this button to Add a New Task.

  • creating a task

    When you Create a Task, this side window will appear.

  • creating a task

    Hovering over the word Sales will bring up this dropdown. Pick the section your project belongs to.

  • creating a task

    For this demo, Ive made a Proposal for JL Origami, which you can see labeled here

    And sorted under the Proposals section here.

  • creating a task

    Once youve named your task, put any intro/background you have in the description, e.g.:

    mimic Bowflex deckdemo is 18-34 womenuse cycling pics only

  • creating a task

    If youre feeling fancy (or will add more data later), feel free to add subtasks.

  • creating a task

    Name your subtask (i.e. if youre still coming up with a list of events) and assign it to yourself.

  • creating a task

    Attach files if you want, like pics you want use, a spreadsheet, whatever. You can add from Dropbox, Google Drive, or your computer.

  • creating a task

    Once youve added all relevant info, assign a due date

  • creating a task

    Then assign this task to Jamie, which will notify me.

  • any questions?