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<ul><li> 1. LIGHTS Syed Maisum Rizvi (1076391) As You Like It Professor: Jon Egging-Intro to Theatre TA: Ashley Fox</li></ul> <p> 2. DIFFERENT KINDS OF LIGHTS 3. USE OF LIGHTSREVEALS SHAPE &amp; FIGURETRANSITION &amp; COLOR 4. COLOR AND MEANINGRED=DEATH for example, in the play Blood WeddingBlue=Confidence, loyalty, wisdom, faith, truthYellow=Wealth, happiness, optimism, calmness 5. MY IDEAS FOR As You Like It 6. TransitionsMost of the transitions will occur when switching from the forest to the city, so between dark and light, respectively. Obviously the city will be lighted but keeping the background dark and white light on the characters will make it easier two switch to the forest if necessary. The forest will also need lights the break from the trees and cast shadows 7. I want to imagine that when the brothers are fighting, they are not switching positions. In this picutre there is no light in the background. However, I want to split the background into three parts. On the left side (according to this picture) I want to have a blue backlight to represent Orlando due to his confidence, and yearn to be an intellectual. In the middle is Adam, the servant. I want to have a subtle yellow to show calmness, because he is the one who wants peace between the brothers. For Oliver on the right I want to have a red backlight to show his anger, and lust. 8. SOMETHING LIKE THIS TO SHOW THE FOREST OF ARDENThe blue will represent the darkness, the green will emphasize the different types of trees and their shape, in the forest. A spotlight will emphasize the actors. However I would imagine having lighter shades of the light, just because the play is not depressing. 9. When Rosalind and Celia are alone talking to each otherMost of the time we see them in the forest. I was thinking of always having them under the spotlight and then having a purple backlight since they both represent nobility. 10. Touchstone has a unique characterI would like to use a subtle yellow. Even though he is the court appointed clown, he has a lot to say and he has a lot of knowledge and wisdom 11. The trees which Orlando writes his poetry onFor this I really want to focus on the shape of each tree because each tree represents a different poem and each poem represents a different mood. I want to have a slight red with green giving the figure of the tree from one direction and a spotlight focused on each poem. Just as if the sunlight was casting light on certain parts of the tree in the forest 12. Orlando and Oliver make upHave a light purple light on both of them and a dark blue backlight, to show that they are noble and loyal to each other 13. ROSALIND GETTING WHAT SHE DREAMEDHave a subtle yellow light as she walks down to Orlando, and have a spotlight on Orlando 14. HAPPY ENDING and everyone else who gets marriedObviously it is a happy ending, and I think there should be light on everyone, but to emphasize they location I would want to still be focused on the forest using dark lights, considering that it does not specify if the marriage occurs at night or day. </p>