Anupi web tools to empower language learners mazatlan 2014

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Slide 1Cynthia Wiseman, Assistant Professor, Developmental Skills, Borough of Manhattan Community CollegeJoshua Belknap, ESL Lab Coordinator, Borough of Manhattan Community CollegeWeb Tools to Empower Language LearnersCollaborationSocializationAuthenticityCreativitySharingHow are wikis valuable in the classroom?Applications: Wikis & Collaborative ToolsReadingWordleWordsiftCollaborationWallwisherWikispacesWordpressPresentation ToolsJingPreziPowerpointPechaKucha3READING4Create colorful graphic representations of texts based on word occurrence from any given text. Feed in the text either by copy and paste or by specifying a URL Analyze text and creates a colorful representation with more frequently occurring words appearing much larger than less frequent words. Adjust colors and designs to suit your taste. Twain, Huckleberry Finn WordleHow to use this with studentsReview/Summarize/Retell text Prediction Dialogue reconstruction Short poems / HaikuText comparisonPersonal informationTopic research tasksLearner trainingWordsiftLow/High Frequency WordsSelection of leveled reading Common CorePreparation of materialsCollaborationA virtual sticky notice-board Post stickies with text images, links to websites and even videosSimple to use Set access rightsEasy to create a wallCollaboration very simple and quick too based walls Creating schema of topic before/during/after readingVocabulary reference Share resource links Image-based tasks Create debate/discussionGrammar wallsHow to use this with students to support reading developmentWikiCollaborative projectsRepository of materialsDiscussion boardsAnnouncementswww.wikispaces.comWikispacesWikispacesCreate free website or blogUser friendly CMS (Content Management System)Ready-made themesFree hosting & tech support videos, imagesRecord videos (up to 5 minutes free)Upload and share IM, email, social media, etc. presentation toolStudent video projects (pro)Student-created materials PresentationsSupport writing different genres/purposes require different writing conventionsSupport reading reading for main/supporting ideasPowerPoint20 images x 20 secondsImages advance automatically Intended for live, informal events but can be online tooTime is limited = short, concise presentations presentations Listening and viewing tasksStudent video projectsStudent-created materialsOngoing collaborative projectsHow to use Jing, Prezi, PPT and PechaKucha with studentsQ & A23http://bmccesllab.wikifoundry.comhttp://esl094bmcc.wikispaces.comWikis to support reading & writing (iPhone OS 8.0.2) (iPhone OS 8.0.2) (iPhone OS 8.0.2) (iPhone OS 8.0.2) (iPhone OS 8.0.2)


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