Analytics: analyzing data to maximize profits

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Businesses all need data to make important decisions regarding their growth, processes and goals. As an online seller, what data can you use to make these crucial decisions? Where is the best place to get it? Learn about the methods and tools you can use to analyze data and grow your business. It’s easier than you think!

Text of Analytics: analyzing data to maximize profits

  • Analytics: Analyzing Data to Maximize Profits
    Alex Hackbart
    Miva Merchant
  • Metrics and analytics are only valuable if you understand what they are telling you and provide insight into opportunities that you act on.-@PricingWire
  • Conversion Rate
    Conversion Rate: The ratio of visitors who convert website visits into desired actions such as purchasing a product or submitting a form.
    Conversion Rate = Goals Completed / Visits
  • Conversion Rate
    If 100 people visit a specific product
    and 5 of them make a purchase,
    your conversion rate is 5%
    5/100 = 1/20 = 5%
  • Why Worry About Conversion Rate?
    More Sales Without More Visitors
    Leads to a Better Shopping Experience
    Easy to Understand With Proper Tools
    You Can Start Today!
  • Conversion Rate Killers
    Poor Usability
    Too Many Steps
    Asking for Too Much Information
    Shipping Too Expensive
    No Clear Call to Action
  • Tools for Analytics
    Google Analytics
    Crazy Egg
    KISS Insights
    Google Website Optimizer
    Tons of Others!
  • Google Analytics
    Easy to Use
    Easy to Install
    Easy to Understand
    Enough Power for Most Companies
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Profiles and Filters
  • Profiles and Filters
  • Profiles and Filters
    Combining Profiles and Filters Allows You to Segment Specific Data
    Filters Are Destructive!
    Can Have Multiple Filters Per Profile
    Allows for Customer Segmentation
    Can Give Users Access to Specific Profiles
  • Sample Profiles and Filters
    Exclude Internal Visits
    Only New Visitors
    Paid Traffic
    Organic Search Traffic
    Organic and Paid Traffic
    Returning Visitors
    No Filters
  • Goal Funnels
    Goal funnels track user trends in a specific path to help reveal problems and drop-off points in your site
  • Setting Up a Goal Funnel
  • Goal Funnel Visualization
  • Goal Funnel Visualization
  • Overlay Mode
  • Always Have a Clear Call to Action!
  • Basket Page Analysis
  • Basket Page Analysis
  • Basket Page Analysis
  • Checkout Pages
  • Checkout Pages
  • Checkout Pages
  • Crazy Egg
    Heat Map Visualization
    Track User Clicks Anywhere
    Easily Find Distractions or Wasted Clicks
    Easiest Data Visualization
    $9/month Plan
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Crazy Egg
  • KISS Insights
    Real Answers from Real Customers
    Real-time Feedback
    Answers to Questions Data Cant Answer
    High Response Rate
    Custom Messages & Timing
    Free Plan (with branding)
  • GoSquared
    Live Analytics
    See Who is Interacting Right Now
    Adapt Content On the Fly
    Traffic Alerts
  • Website Optimizer
    Create Split Tests to a Common Goal
    Test Effectiveness of Changes
    Test Segments or Entire Pages
    Pick the Winner, Start Again
    Always Be Testing
  • Website Optimizer
  • Analytics
    With the Right Data, Conversion Rate Optimization is Easy!
    Use Customer Behavior to Make Effective Changes That Increase Sales With the Same Amount of Customers
  • Analytics: Analyzing Data to Maximize Profits
    Alex Hackbart