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<ul><li> 1. WELCOME, BIENVENUE, .Housekeeping. To hear audio from this webinar, call the phone number shown on your GoToMeeting menu.Stuff happens. Maybe an asteroid knocks out your power. Or perhaps your cat walks across your keyboard. Should you experience these or any other technical issues, wed be happy to give you a one-on-one demonstration at a later date. Give us a call: 877-MANGO-11.</li></ul> <p> 2. MANGO LANGUAGES: START A CONVERSATIONBECOME A HUB FOR LANGUAGE AND CULTURE LEARNING. 3. MONOLINGUAL &lt; MANGOLINGUALThe United States is the only industrialized country that consistently graduates students with fluency in only their native language. 4. A RESOURCE YOUR ENTIRE COMMUNITY CAN LOVE. 5. COMMUNITY-WIDE APPEALStudents 6. MANGOES ALL AROUNDStudents Language Course Support Study Abroad Prep Resource for languages not offeredFacultyFaculty can access for personal use or as a course supplement. Course supplement SabbaticalAlumniStudentsLanguage learning on and off campus with remote access and mobile apps.Mango gives your alumni free access to language learning. Career Development Personal Interest Travel 7. PRODUCTS FOR YOU + YOUR USERSStart all kinds of conversations. 60 foreign and 17 ESL courses Religious and scholarly coursesLearn anytime, anywhere. Online at your library Free mobile apps Remote accessGet useful tools that make your life easier. Free marketing materials Mango Administration Portal (MAP) Libby the Librarian 8. AND THERES MORE 9. COMING SOON 10. MANGO IN ACTION 11. YOURE IN GOOD COMPANY. LOTS OF IT. 12. ANY QUESTIONS?Q&amp;A 13. LETS CHAT.1-877-MANGO-11</p>