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All About …. Max. I have…. 1 sister, mom, dad and dog. I am 12 almost 13. I play baseball for the JTB tigers. Jason Thomson. I also enjoy skiing. I play percussion. I canoe on the Manistee. I like to go to water parks. I build with Legos. I like the Red Wings. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • MAXAll About

  • I have1 sister, mom, dad and dog

  • I am 12 almost 13

  • I play baseball for the JTB tigersJason Thomson

  • I also enjoy skiing

  • I play percussion

  • I canoe on the Manistee

  • I like to go to water parks

  • I build with Legos

  • I like the Red Wings

  • I broke my left arm twice

  • And my finger once

  • I really like video games

  • I love pizza and hot dogs

  • My favorite T.V. show is SPORT CENTER

  • I really like Michigan State