Advanced Internet Searching, Dec 2013

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A very long slidedeck that I use when teaching.


<ul><li>1.Advanced Internet SearchingPhil Bradley Winter 2013</li></ul> <p>2. Online resources Pearltree at Website 3. Types of search engine Free text Google, Yahoo, Bing, Directory Yahoo, Open Directory Multi/Meta search Trovando Browsys 4. Types of search engine Site/Subject specific BT directory, site search engines Hidden/Invisible web Complete planet Social search engines Icerocket, surchur, twitter The others 5. Basic search techniquesImplied ANDAdditional termsPhraseChanging positionExclude/NOTMore additional terms 6. More search options: * 7. Proximity Search: AROUND(x) 8. site: 9. 10. site: 11. link: 12. info: 13. related: 14. Advanced search: where is it? 15. Advanced search 16. Advanced search cont 17. Filetype: 18. Filetype: pdf, doc 19. filetype: all options 20. Creative commons 21. Search preferences Language Safesearch filtering Google Instant # of results per page 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 Results window Blocked sites 22. Google Knowledge Chart 23. Why else use Google? 24. Reading level 25. Dictionary 26. Social 27. Nearby 28. Visited pages 29. Not yet visited 30. Related searches 31. Time limited 32. Cached version 33. Google images 34. Google images 35. Size 36. Colour 37. Type 38. Combine the options 39. Imagesize: 40. Enhanced Maps 41. Google carousel 42. Google Instant 43. One trick ponies movies location 44. Google custom search engines 45. Why Google is poor 46. Google knows best did you mean? 47. Ranking order Search term in title, header, URL Anchor text 1st paragraph Frequency Speed of website Country version Personalisation on/off # of link 48. Google knows best! 49. Incorrect counts 50. Serving many pages, single sites 51. Personalisation 52. Alternative search engines Free text Directory Multi/Meta Social media Visual results Real time Weblog 53. Bing 54. 55. Duckduckgo 56. Blekko 57. Exalead 58. FindHow: the How-To search engine 59. FindHow: writing and speaking 60. Slikk 61. Slikk multisearch 62. Preview, search onsite 63. Preview various screens 64. Zanran: Google for data 65. Zanran results page 66. Display tables 67. 68. Who stole my pictures? 69. Obtain a list &amp; compare 70. 71. Icon Finder 72. Search results 73. Yahoo Directory 74. Dmoz The open Directory 75. Multi/meta search Browsys Trovando 76. Trovando results 77. Visual search engines Redzee 78. Spacetime 3D 79. Category based engines Carrot Clustering 80. Comparing results Thumbshots ranking 81. Blind search:which is best? 82. 83. Blekko /monte 84. Similar sites 85. News/Date Silobreaker 86. Multimedia engines Audio Visual Image Sound 87. As well as YouTube... Trooker 88. Sounds Soungle 89. Images (as well as Flickr) Tag Galaxy 90. Blogs Google blog search 91. Social media Social Mention 92. IceRocket 93. Addictomatic 94. Twitter Advanced 95. News collation resources Flipboard 96. Zite 97. Zite top stories 98. FlipBoard 99. Pulse News 100. News curation via the web 101. daily digest 102. 103. Sulia 104. More on social media search 105. Summer of 2012 106. Autumn of 2012 107. Introducing Graph Search 108. Discovery via friends People who share your interests People who like your photographs People who live in Manchester and like restaurants in Leeds Films that your married friends like Books that my relatives like Photographs taken in London before 2003 109. Discovery from strangers People who like wargaming and who live in Basildon People who like eHarmony (a dating site) And who are married Pastors who like Ann Summers (an adult store) People who like Alcoholics Anonymous And who work for Microsoft Or who work for Google 110. In other words With Graph Search you can look up anything that has been shared with you on Facebook Other people can find things you have shared with them 111. Privacy issues Control who sees your Profile on the About Tab Review photographs that you have shared or been tagged in Review your posts with location tags in your activity log 112. Using Graph Search 113. However... Its surprising what you can actually find out... 114. But hang on! Only two married men out of millions of men who are that stupid? How trustworthy are these results? 115. Lets get back on track 116. Concerns Should I worry about blurring out faces etc? After all, it IS public data. Isnt it? Do these people know that its public? What responsibility, if any, do I have for or with their data? At what point do we need worry about linking A + B data to get C, which may be private? 117. More concerns Up to what point can we extrapolate? Does liberal minded in a complicated relationship mean something that others might think is a bit sleazy? If we dont think so, what about other people who will? 118. Targeting selling Easy to find all the people who like Argos Then corrolate to those who also like gardening Then who live in a particular area Promote a 20% off offer on lawnmowers! Is this acceptable? After all, its advertising they might actually want! 119. Getting Graph Search If this is what youre seeing, then you dont have access to Graph Search 120. Click on the cog option 121. Account settings, General Account 122. Save and youre done. 123. LinkedIn 124. Twitter 125. Twitter Search 126. Social bookmarking 127. My feed from my network 128. Diigo 129. Pinterest 130. Some new engines 131. Soovle 132. Find people on G+ 133. 134. Polyfetch 135. Million short 136. 137. 138. 139. BananaSlug 140. And finally... Wayback Machine 141. Thank you! </p>