Advanced Enterprise Networking in AWS EC2 / Google

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We know that in todays public clouds, there is very limited access to layer 2. This makes networking in the cloud very different from the datacenter, where there is normally full L2 access. These slides from our webinar show you how you can re-create your data center networking in AWS EC2. 1. Multiple NICs and multiple private/public IPs per VM 2. Preserving your existing static IPs and DNS hostnames on EC2 3. Configuring multiple subnets, VLANs, IP broadcast and multicast on EC2 4. Virtual appliances such as Fortinet firewalls, F5 load balancers etc on AWS In the webcast we discuss real life examples to explain different high availability, performance and connectivity options and share a live demonstration of taking an existing VMware application with complex networking and creating a clone with identical networking in the public cloud. For the recording see:


  • 1. Webinar Advanced Enterprise Networking in AWS EC2 / Google A Hands On Guide Hadas Birin, Director Customer Success

2. Agenda Evolving to dev/test in the public cloud Capabilities Enterprise Networking Requirements Networking in the public cloud Solution overview Software Defined Networking Live Demo Setting up a simple environment Complex network with F5 Big IP, FortiGate firewall, VLANs, Hands-on lab 2 3. Dev/Test in the Public Cloud Public cloud should serve as an extra capacity to Enterprises internal data center - Why? 1. Rent vs. buy model 2. Design data centers to average capacity while maintaining business agility 3 Sp1 Sp2 RC1 Sp1 Sp2 RC1 Product late to market and poor quality Data center/private cloud capacity Project X Demand ResourcesResources 4. Scale on demand Never run out of capacity Repeatable deployments (clones) of complex multi-tier production applications for: Dev environments Test environments Upgrade testing Continuous integration and delivery Dev/Test in the Public Cloud Requirements 5. Enterprise Networking Static IPs, Multiple subnets Firewalls, routers, load balancers, network optimization and security appliances Full L2 support with broadcast/multicast Full control of switch settings, including setting vlans, trunk ports, promiscuous ports, mirror ports, etc. Multiple NICs per VM Multiple IPs per VM Application components connect via DNS / host names / private IPs 5 6. Network configuration on AWS EC2 / Google cloud 6 Limited number of public IPs Extremely limited availability of network appliances No L2 support No control of switch settings, including setting vlans, trunk ports, promiscuous ports, mirror ports, etc. Single NIC per VM No console access VM VM VM VM 7. 7 8. Solution Overview: Agile dev/test environments with SDN on AWS EC2 / Google 8 9. About Ravello Systems Founded in 2011 by creators of KVM Deep expertise in virtualization, cloud, storage & networking Delivering nested virtualization as a service 9 Founding team track record Used by: 10. Ravello: Encapsulates, Abstracts & Automates Multi-Tier App Environments Encapsulates 10 VM VM VM Networking Storage Abstracts Compute, network & storage on any cloud private or public (AWS, Google, HP Cloud etc) Automates - Snapshots/clones - Templates - Network fencing - Developer self-service - Same VMs from private data center - Auto-provision & deploy on any cloud without modifying VM or networking Multi-VM 11. Ravellos SDN Fenced Environments 11 Fully fenced network in each capsule Allows for quick duplication of environments No IP collisions, no scripting to change IPs VM VM VM Copy #1 VM VM VM Copy #2 12. Ravellos SDN External Access 12 Expose selected ports and IPs for external access DNS + public IPs attached to each cloned environment (no limitation) VM VM VM Copy #1 NAT 13. Ravellos SDN Inside the Environment 13 Private static IPs, multiple subnets Multiple NICs per VM Console access Full L2 support Broadcast / multicast Control of switch settings VLANs Trunk / access ports Promiscuous and Mirror ports DNS service DHCP service 14. Ravellos SDN Same Appliances 14 Upload existing network appliances from VMware Firewalls, routers, network optimization appliances Same configuration, same network topology And many more 15. Live Demo 15 16. Demo Setup 16 Service 1: VIP: Service 2: VIP: ext mgmt int VLAN: 1050 VLAN: 1060 Each VM has 2 NICs: Mgmt: 10.50.*.* Prod: 20.50.*.* Each VM has 2 NICs: Mgmt: 10.60.*.* Prod: 20.60.*.* Trunk Port FortiGate appliance Uploaded to Ravello F5 BIG-IP appliance Uploaded to Ravello 17. Demo Setup Easy Cloning 17 ext mgmt in t VLAN: 1050 VLAN: 1060 Each VM has 2 NICs: Mgmt: 10.50.*.* Prod: 20.50.*.*Trunk Port Each VM has 2 NICs: Mgmt: 10.60.*.* Prod: 20.60.*.* Service 1: VIP: Service 2: VIP: NAT NAT Cloned Environment Cloned Environment As many as the public cloud can take 18. Results With Ravello Replicating production environments to accurately test on production-like environments same networking, same VMs Application blueprinting saves multi-tier app environment as a template Upgrade testing with versioning of environments Easy re-creation of bugs/problems by snapshotting entire multi-tier app No capacity constraints use any cloud on demand Continuous integration on replicas of production using Ravello APIs 18 19. Your environment Upload your VMs from private data center Define your network topology Were right there Its all free - we pay for your cloud VMs Free technical assistance Free training Hands On Lab Next step: 2 weeks Free Trial First step: Go to and login Not registered yet? Register and activate (free!) Create a New Application Drag and drop a VM into the application Double-click the VM and view the editing options on a VM 20. Thank You! Q & A Hadas Birin, Director Customer Success