5 Ways to Integrate Mobile Into Your Marketing Mix

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85% of American adults have a mobile phone mobile web users will outnumber PC web users by 2012. The explosive growth of the mobile device market has created new opportunities for marketers to reach potential customers, but so many still dont take advantage of mobile. In this presentation, youll learn how to successfully integrate mobile into your existing marketing campaigns to extend their reach, improve their effectiveness, and increase their ROI. Well discuss search and display advertising, SMS, QR codes and location based services and how they can integrate with online and offline marketing campaigns.

Text of 5 Ways to Integrate Mobile Into Your Marketing Mix

  • 1. 5 StrategiesIntegrating Mobileinto yourMarketing Mix Digital Atlanta November 8, 2011

2. The Stateof Mobile 3. Weve Come aLong Way 4. Mobile is Mainstream 5. Desktop Power in a Mobile Device 6. Look at BothSides of theFunnel 7. GenerateSalesBrandIncreaseAwareness Marketing GoalsRevenues ImproveEnhanceCustomerCustomer Support Loyalty 8. Know Your Customers 9. SMS Messages Mobile Website Mobile Email Display Advertising Search Advertising QR Code Application Location Based Services Augmented Reality 10. Utilize theMedia YouAlready Buy 11. YOUR BRAND www.brand.comOr text SMS to 12345 12. Engage Your with BuyersMessage Here ThroughTraditionalMedia 13. Mobile Web& Email 14. Mobile Web79% of large onlineadvertisers do nothave a mobile-optimized website. Source: Google, March 2011 15. Jakob NielsonIf mobile use is important to yourInternet strategy, its smart tobuild a dedicated mobile site. 16. Search & Display 17. Display Best Practices Utilize targeting Send to a mobile-optimized landing page What is the CTA? Track visits, conversions, and connections 18. Mobile Email 19. From4%of themarket toalmost20%in just2 years 20. Email Best Practices Utilize @media queries Turn off font resizing Hide unnecessary content Use a one-column layout Adjust size of large imageshttp://www.campaignmonitor.com/blog/post/3163/optimizing-your-emails-for-mobile-devices-with-media/http://www.campaignmonitor.com/blog/post/3442/mobile-email-design-in-practice/ 21. LeverageLocationBasedServices 22. Location Based Services 23. Foursquare 24. Facebook Pages Places Advertising 25. LBS Best Practices Great for LOCAL businesses Go where your customers are Give incentives for checkins Look at your demographics Make it fun 26. CreateEngagementOpportunities 27. SMSMarketing 28. SMS Campaign 90% Sign-up rate Lower acquisition costs 400% Increase in sales 29. SMS Campaign $138,460 Revenues 61% From SMS Coupon ConversionRate Testing 30. SMS Best Practices GET PERMISSION Use urgency & scarcity Cross-promote with other media Great for radio, television & OOH 31. QRCodes 32. Mobile barcode scanninggrew 1,600 percent in 2010. 33. Custom QR codeshave athree-to-oneratio of scans overtraditional codes. 34. QR Best Practices Simple short URLs Educate consumers Size matters... & TEST scanability! Utilize tracking URLs Dont post codes online What is the CTA? 35. Get In TouchWeb: www.kelseyads.comEmail: brandon.eley@kelseyads.comTwitter: @beleySlides: www.brandoneley.com